Gopro hero 4 streaming to mac

The camera info correctly shows the number of files on the unit but the sofware shows nothing to select from in the browser window.

Connecting GoPro Hero 4 cameras

This software does not allow therefor ANY files to be either viewed or downloaded from my Hero 3 but it will control the camera. Since the only reason I purchased the software was for file downloading via wifi and since this function does not work at all on my Hero 3 I rate it poorly. Great app, works as intended. Gave me the option to use my Mac instead of my iPhone. I like the way it give you links to download the GoPro files directly with using your browser.

VLC terminal error: -bash: vlc: command not found

Quicktime will download the files onto your mac,and you can make most minor adjustments such as horizontal or vertical flips. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

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Bug fixes. GoPro live stream should appear in your FFplay media player. Remove the '-an' flag to receive audio from your GoPro.

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User is not enabled for live streaming click to fix. Register Login. GoPro Live Streaming This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Ingested coffee while analyzing the app communication with wireshark and added lots of more commands: Not yet. I hooked up wire shark and I can see the UDP packets from the camera for a few seconds and then it quits. VLC, MPlayer, nada.

Livestream a GoPro Hero4 on your computer

Tried a bunch of different command line options and nothing has worked. I'll keep looking and reply back if I figure it out. Would you be so kind as to do the same? I have tried everything and can't get it to work.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver wifi streaming to MacOSX

I had issues starting the stream using the command http: The GoPro would respond with: It turned out that my GoPro didn't have the latest firmware. Once I updated the firmware the livestreaming worked.

Solved: connect gopro to mac via usb - Page 4 - GOPRO SUPPORT HUB

Has anyone figured out how to reduce the delay when streaming? When using these instructions it seems to have a second delay. I know it is possible because the iPhone app does not have the same delay. Have any of you figured out how to make the stream truely live? In addition to the video stream 0: Which brings the startup time down to about 1. Also, sometimes ffplay fails to detect the -f: All in all, this is what I use:. I tried using the above url as below: However I get the following error: Error running exec.

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