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Why has a MAC address been found, but no vendor name? Why are some Hosts in the list displayed with bold font? Warum werden einige Hosts in der Liste mit fetter Schrift dargestellt? Nach dem Update auf macOS Mojave: Why do images end up coming out color inverted in the compressed version?

Warum ist die Farbe einige Bilder in komprimierten Dateien invertiert? How to enable the action plugin in Finder and Preview? Why am I asked for a password? Warum werde ich nach einem Passwort gefragt? How to wake up a Mac? Wie wecke ich einen Mac auf? How to wake up a device that is not a Mac?

How to shut down, restart or send a Mac to sleep? Wie schalte ich einen Mac aus, starte ihn neu oder aktiviere den Ruhezustand? How to shut down, restart or send a PC to sleep. Wie schalte ich einen PC aus, starte ihn neu oder aktiviere den Ruhezustand? How to wake up a device via the Internet? How to enable SSH on a Mac? Wie aktiviere ich SSH auf einem Mac? Why do I get a message that some app wants access to control something, when I am sending Apple Scripts to other Macs?

Is there a manual I for Rocket Typist? Why do abbreviations not work? How can I import snippets I already have? Wie kann ich bereits vorhandene Textbausteine importieren? Can I insert snippets in every application?

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Kann ich Textbausteine mit jeder App verwenden? Should I use Rocket Typist to store passwords? I have locked a PDF document and lost the password. How can I recover it? Was kann ich machen? What's the difference between user and owner password? Was ist der Unterschied zwischen User- und Owner-Passwort? Why can content from my owner password protected files still be copied or printed? Why do I get the error message 'Your screenshots can't be saved. All iOS apps are available on the App Store only. Mac apps are always available directly on our website, some are on the Mac App Store and others are available on the subscription service Setapp along with many other great apps.

Every Mac app can has a test version that can be downloaded on the product page. The full version can then be unlocked by buying a license from within the app. Sometimes there are updates that fix an issue that only exists in one of versions, so the version number might be slightly different. Es kann vorkommen, dass sich die Versionsnummern unterscheiden, wenn mit dem letzen Update Fehler behoben worden sind, die nur eine der Versionen betreffen. All apps purchased on the Mac App Store or this website via Paddle can be used on up to 2 devices.

Apps on Setapp can be used on up to 3 devices at the same time. If you buy an app outside of the Mac App Store, you will get a license code. Download the app from it's product page and enter your license code. If you cannot find the license code, you can recover your license here.

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If you have bought the app on the Mac App Store you do not need a license code. You can download the latest version directly from the purchases section on the Mac App Store. You have probably downloaded the trial version from the website before. Delete every copy of the app you can find and then download the latest version directly from the purchases section on the Mac App Store.

If you still have difficulties installing the app from the Mac App Store, please contact the Apple support. Sie haben vermutlich bereits die Trial-Version der App heruntergeladen. From time to time we have to raise the minimum system requirements of an app. You may want to download an older version in order to run it on an older macOS version.

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There might be one or several reasons for this:. Therefore information such as the vendor name are not available, too. Certain network services are disabled or blocked within your network. Please contact your network administrator. The device simply does not reveal certain information. Did you scan the correct IP range? Make sure that the devices you miss are turned on and connected to your network.

Some devices such as smartphones often turn off their Wi-Fi in order to save energy if they are not being used. In most cases refreshing your scan helps. In rare cases Network Radar might find a not existing device. This is due to network irregularities. If you refresh your scan and that device keeps showing up as an offline device you can delete that device. Sometimes a device has an uncertain status shown by a yellow dot in the devices list. So it was connected to that device recently. If the device's scan has been bound to a network and your Mac is not connected to that network, the device is unreachable.

You won't be able to refresh the device's status. Also the device will be automatically excluded from monitoring. Devices that have MAC addresses, registered after the most recent release of Network Radar are not included in that database. Hosts that have been found with the last refresh of a Scan are being displayed with a bold text. Unfortunately macOS's Terminal. Some third party terminal emulators allow this. You can change the default SSH application in the general preferences. There are several possible reasons why the size of a file can not be reduced any further.

Often the application that created the file has already compressed the images within that file to an extend that makes it impossible to compress them further.

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Your PDF may also has very small or no images at all, so there is not much to compress. Some bitmap- images are actually size independent vector graphics. These kind of images can not be compressed at all. However in most cases they don't increase the size of a file anyway. Make sure you try different filters with lower dpi and less image quality.

You may also want to configure a filter to remove annotations, notes and other markups from your file to help decrease the size. In September of , Apple released the latest version of macOS: This results in the following behaviour: If you use a filter that reduces the resolution of images to a certain value, all images will be resampled to the dpi value of the filter. Also images those dpi value was smaller than the dpi of the filter get resampled upscaled. With macOS Smaller images were left untouched. This change can result in files that are bigger than the original file.

We think the cause of this issue is a bug in Apple's framework. We are in contact with Apple and have filed a bug report. They create much larger PDF files than necessary. Just keep in mind that until Apple fixes the issue, please select a filter that uses a smaller dpi value than the dpi value of the original file.

You can figure out the dpi of a file by checking 'Calculate dpi of original file' in PDF Squeezer's preference. The dpi will be shown next to the file in the PDF list. We will not wait for Apple to fix the bug and rewrite our compression engine to not use the framework anymore. This requires a fair amount of work and will take a while.

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This text will be updated once we have implemented the updated compression engine. Update 11th of January Apple's latest response is: We will follow up with you again when it is available. When and if the issue will be fixed by Apple is not known.

We continue to work on an own solution and are making good progress. Mit macOS Bei fast allen sagte das Programm, das es die Datei nicht entpacken kann weil dies und das seihe. Stuffit hat mit den Dateien keine Probleme! Meine Rat an euch: Bleibt bei Stuffit Expander!

The Unarchiver endpackt die Dateien schon recht schnell! Fast keine Dateien lassen sich entpacken!

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What do you think about The Unarchiver? Do you recommend it? Benutzerfreundlicher, sicherer und schneller Browser. Fast fertig. Ganze Beschreibung lesen. WinZip Mac Edition Packprogramm: Download The Unarchiver 3. Nutzer-Kommentare zu The Unarchiver. Dezember Mehr Getestet am Februar Mehr Getestet am 2.


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