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Now select open and continue with install procedure. The ensure you have the right CAC card for online access, flip your CAC card to the back and if you have one of the below numbers written on the top left, then you are good to go: Saicoo V1. Saicoo V2. Stanley Global SGT I was able to log into Enterprise Email using Safari without any issues at all until just a few weeks or a month ago--suddenly I began to get error screens saying the web.

How to Install a CAC Reader for Mac

AKO site is fine, I can get in there fine, but not the mail site. DOD certificates within your Keychain Post by thomas. I, too, have had trouble using my CAC card with my Mac a few days ago. In trying to follow your instructions, I cannot seem to delete any existing certificates so that I can start afresh.

DOD certificates within your Keychain - Thursby Software Forum

Even after "unlocking" the login and system keychains with my system password, I cannot delete them. They simply remain in place.

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Any ideas? Tom North.

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Thank you for the post. Thank you for this assistance. There is no error message generated, the certs just lie there, unmoved. And I tried quitting and reopening as well. Please know IF You have any DoD certs already located in your keychain access, you will need to delete them prior to running the AllCerts. Double click each of the files to install certificates into the login section of keychain. Select the Kind column, and make sure the arrow is pointing up, scroll down to certificate, look for all of the following certificates:.

How To: AKO & CAC Cards on a MAC

If you are missing any of the above certificates, you have 2 choices,. Download the allcerts.

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Error Solution. You may notice some of the certificates will have a red circle with a white X. This means your computer does not trust those certificates. You may be prompted to enter computer password. Some of the "bad certs" that have caused problems for Windows users now show up in the keychain access section on some Macs. The icons may or may not have a red circle with the white x. If you have tried accessing CAC enabled sites prior to following these instructions, please go through this page before proceeding.

Clearing the keychain opens a new page. Don't forget to come back to this page to continue.

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Step 5a: Additional DoD certificate installation instructions for Firefox users. Download AllCerts. Option 1 to install the certificates semi automated:.

Step 1: Purchase a Mac Friendly CAC Reader

From inside the AllCerts extracted folder, select all of the certificates. In the Enable selection box , change to All Applications. Select Firefox, then Open. You will see several dozen browser tabs open up, let it open as many as it wants.. You will eventually start seeing either of the 2 messages shown next.

If the certificate is not already in Firefox, a window will pop up stating "You have been asked to trust a new Certificate Authority CA. Check all three boxes to allow the certificate to: Once you've added all of the certificates Option 2 to install the certificates very tedious manual: Click Firefox word upper left of your screen.

Advanced tab on left side of screen.

Certificates tab. View Certificates button. Authorities tab.