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After tremendous volume of complaints from consumers, they decided to allow the option to completely remove the second partition all together. Check out this link from Western Digital. That will be the VirtualCD removing utility. It's likely that you'll need a Windows or Mac to complete the firmware update. October 13th, 8. I loved WD drives. But this StupidWare junk is really putting me off.

Now I have to go find someone with a Windows computer that will let me install Hope they already have. NET installed because of those lazy programmers that need training wheels. Install a bunch of junk, reboot, install, mess with this and that I don't know. I see some posts that say it's still there and Windows is just hiding it. What about when I take this drive to another computer? Is it going to show up there and I have to run this junk all over again?

This is a huge hassle.

How To Unlock a WD External Drive Without a Password

I'm ready to just return the damn thing and get something else. Is there nothing I can do from Ubuntu to get rid of this?

I'm sure I can find someone with a Windows machine, but if they'll actually let me run all this junk, I don't know. October 14th, 9. However this one, like most desktop WD drives, comes with that so-called backup software and, as far as I know, it cannot be removed except by someone with a great deal of know-how - not me! I too wish that if anyone does know how to remove that partition which contains the 'junk' they would post the instructions here and without having to rely on someone's Windows computer. But in the meantime it's all right; I just "live" with having that 'stuff' there.

It doesn't hurt anything I use my drive for storing music so I can just ignore it. Firmware Update: Release 2.

Need help installing WD Smartware with MAC OS X - External Drives for Mac - WD Community

Download the Firmware Updater for Windows. Unzip the file and double click to open the Firmware Updater. Click Continue to update the firmware. Verify the attached drive's serial number located on the back of the drive. Click Update Firmware. Once the updater is finished, click Exit. STEP 2: Unzip the utility Extract the file using an extraction utility. Click Continue to disable the VCD.

How to Make External Hard Drive work with Mac and PC - set up guide-how to use hd-how to use hd

Once the utility has found your drive, click Configure Drive and then click Exit. Verify that the VCD no longer appears. Successfully updated firmware tonight, and everything looks good so far. Much better to not have the annoying software launching, but does anyone know of good instructions to eliminate the partition? This doesn't really remove the partition, you know. Couldn't you just remove it with a partition manager like gparted or whatever there is for osx? Why does this have 32 upvotes?

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This doesn't answer the question at all. Haase Jan 23 '12 at A one liner for this: Just tried this and it worked great! Thank you! Note to others who might be thinking about trying this: Neat idea, but you have do do this on each computer you use it on. If you currently find yourself locked out of your WD external hard drive with no means of recuperating your password, there's no need to panic.

There are some very simple solutions that you can implement to unlock your drive and reset your password. This tutorial will walk you through three different scenarios by which you can regain access to your external hard drive. Please note that some of these solutions may lead to data loss — it is highly recommended that you back up your data before beginning.

WD Security Enter an incorrect password five times in a row.

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Upon the fifth failed attempt, you will be prompted to erase your drive. Agree to the terms, and then click Erase Drive.