Plastic bottom mac coming off

The bezel is held in place by plastic clips. It should not require much force to remove the bezel.

If you find yourself struggling to remove the plastic bezel, check that you have not missed any screws. Close the lid and turn it around so that the back is facing you. Some laptops have a plastic cover that hides the hinge mechanism.

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To remove this, unscrew any screws that may be holding it in place. If you can not figure out which screws that you need to remove, you should consult an engineer and ask them to tighten the hinges for you.

Once you have removed the screws, try to remove the panel that covers the hinges. Jun 11, Posts: Sun Jan 27, 3: May 19, Posts: Sun Jan 27, 5: Aug 30, Posts: Sun Jan 27, San Diego, CA Registered: Aug 19, Posts: Jun 21, Posts: Mon Jan 28, 2: Oxonia, Britanniarum Regnum Registered: May 18, Posts: Mon Jan 28, I see dumb people Registered: Oct 15, Posts: Mon Jan 28, 1: GnarMachine Ars Praetorian Tribus: Western Mass Registered: May 8, Posts: Tue Jan 29, 4: Feb 25, Posts: You can work it open with a putty knife.

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Avoid the red areas at the top, that is the extent of the arms of the ribbon cable inside, a putty knife will wreck them quite quickly. You can desolder the wires from the board or snip the white plastic if you want take the board out.

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I was able to pull it off using some vice grips on a corner I pried up. These keys are all attached the same and are easy to take off: Top row keys, arrow keys, Option, Command, Shift, return, tab, caps lock, Space. They will have a plastic mechanical that has small plastic tabs in the metal frame, just push the tiny nub out of the fram and key is free. The letter keys however I found difficult, the key top can be taken off easily by pulling up sideways but the plastic underneath is hooked on top and bottom by the metal frame. admin