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Select Customize Toolbars and Menus. Select the item in the list you want to reset Menu Bar, Standard, Formatting. Click Reset. Click OK when getting prompt: If Method 2 did not resolve the problem, try Method 3. Method 3: Create a new Normal template Note When a new Normal template is created, any saved customization is removed, and all settings are reverted to the original default settings. Step 1: Quit all programs.


To quit active applications, follow these steps: On the Apple menu, click Force Quit. Select an application in the "Force Quit Applications" window. Note You cannot quit Finder. Click Force Quit.

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Repeat the previous steps until you quit all active applications. Warning When an application is force quit, any unsaved changes to open documents are not saved. When you are finished, click the red button in the upper-left corner and proceed to Step 2. Step 2: Word and Move the Normal. Quit all Microsoft Office applications. On the Go menu, click Home.

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Open Library. Select the Application Support folder. Select the Microsoft folder.

Introduction to MS Word

Open the User Templates folder. Start Word, a new Normal.

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  4. Note that when you had Word on your Mac previously and you now have Word or Word , also check if the Word Normal file is present on the system, if so, trash this Normal template file as well. I have tried right clicking it to see if it will reappear but it doesn't. I am in the Print Layout and it still isn't there. I have tried quitting word and starting again and it still isn't there. Does anyone know how to get it back? I don't know where it is. Yes, I do know about Word Count, but I prefer to be able to see the number of words immediately.

    More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: As Templeton suggested, questions about Word would normally be best posted in Microsoft's forums. But try this: Go to the Preferences in Word, select "view" and see if the Status Bar item is checkmarked in the Window section. If it's not, checkmark it. Hope this helps. View answer in context.

    Displaying Word Count in Microsoft Word

    Helpful answers Drop Down menu. The information is displayed the same way in almost all versions of the software. The status bar displays how many words are in a document without requiring you to open another window. Word and Word don't display the word count in the status bar automatically. If you don't see the word count displayed:.

    Turn off status bar in Microsoft Word

    Word for Mac displays the word count a little differently from the PC versions of Word. Instead of showing only the total word count, Word for Mac displays the words you highlight along with the total number of words in the document in the status bar at the bottom of the document.

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    If no text is highlighted, the status bar displays only the word count for the entire document.

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