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So, instead of fixing the iPhone, they face additional issues. See also: These two terms are quite confusing.

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So, does these methods do the same things? But technically, resetting and restoring process are different. The process will wipe all the things on the device, including the OS and firmware itself. You can also perform this method if you are going to sell your iPhone. If your iPhone has software issues, they will still exist on your device after you resetting the device.

Once iTunes detects your iPhone, click Summary tab and click Restore. But, in some cases, you have to put your device in Recovery Mode before performing the restore process.

Exit iPhone Recovery Mode Loop without Restore (Mac & Windows)

The function of iBoot is to check, scan, and search for errors. You can put your device in Recovery Mode in order to perform the restoring process using iTunes. Here are the situations in which you might need to bring you device to Recovery Mode:.

If you are having one of the issues that I mentioned above and want to restore your iPhone as new, you have to enter the recovery mode first. But, usually, we enter the recovery mode to restore the iPhone, which is needed to connect the iTunes on the computer. After you have successfully entered the recovery mode, iTunes will automatically detect the device and a popup will appear.

You will be given three options: Cancel, Update, or Restore. Step 1. Then connect your iPad to the computer and click 'Next'.

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Step 2. Click 'Exit Recovery Mode', then the program will start to get your iPad out of recovery mode.

If unfortunately, the above methods doesn't help, This problem can be resolved by refreshing the iOS of your iPad. It supports to fix all iOS issues and get your device back to normal without data loss.

How to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode Loop without Losing Data

It is the best iOS repair tool that has been recommended by famous media sites like Cult of Mac, Payetteforward, Makeuseof and so on. You can use iMyFone Fixppo to get your iPad out of recovery mode without data loss. Follow these simple steps to fix an iPad stuck in restore mode. After you run iMyFone Fixppo on your computer, choose Standard Mode from the 3 options offered on the home screen.

Just click the pull-down button and choose the version you like. Then click on the Download button to obtain the firmware. It will take a short while. This can be accomplished only when an efficient third-party app is used. One of the best applications that can help you bring your iPhone out of the Recovery Mode Loop is dr. Wondershare dr. Although this process is simple, it deletes all your existing data from your iPhone. Also, after your iPhone restarts in the normal mode, you must rely on an already existing iTunes backup file in order to recover your old data.

If there is no iTunes backup file available, you are out of luck and all your data is gone forever and for good. Recovery Mode is a state of an iPhone where the hardware of the phone communicates with the bootloader and iOS. When your iPhone is in Recovery Mode, an iTunes logo is displayed on the screen, and iTunes allows you to update the iOS when connected to the computer.

How to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode Loop

This allows you to upgrade or downgrade the firmware of your iPhone independently using iTunes. The major difference between the Recovery Mode and DFU Mode is that the latter displays nothing on the mobile screen but the phone is successfully detected by iTunes.

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Exiting the Recovery Mode Loop can be extremely simple when using Wondershare dr. On the other hand, iTunes may make things simple as well but at the cost of your data which may be lost during the process. Sep 12, Part 1:

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