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How to restore older version of Origin? Today, Origin installed a "beta" version on my pc without asking the option to participate in client betas is turned OFF on my pc.

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It has been bugging out all day, preventing me from playing battlefield 4. First it removed all my DLC's from my library, and now it refuses to launch the game.

I want to know how to go back to a previous version that does work. Why the fuck does everyone feel the urge to shove this fucked up flat design up our throats? The program wasn't awesome to begin with, but now I feel like throwing up when it starts.

ALSO, it doesn't start minimized anymore, which is super annoying. This shouldn't be necessary at the moment - you can just uninstall the new one, THEN download the old one from www.

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That will work to get you back on the old client for now, until they make the new version required for everyone. I had a bunch of problems with this forced update.

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From issues with screen size, black area's on screen, weird resizing problems, but worse Couldn't play Battlefield because of QtWebhelper. People reported on the EA forum not being able to get back to the previous client after having been forced to update. They fixed that some time later. After de-installing this horrible beta and downloading and re-installing Origin from EA's website I got the old client back.

So I guess you will be able to get back now too. The screen size is driving me crazy. Full screen makes it only show the left half of the application, and windowed cuts off the bottom. Help us by reporting it.

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