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If you see something like the following error when starting VirtualBox you need to change the used libraries to use absolute paths.

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On Mac OS X it isn't allowed to use libraries with relative paths for referencing to other libraries when the executable is setuid. You can display all linked libraries by the following command:.

The first command changes the identifier of the library itself. The second changes references to other libraries.

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Note, you need to repeat this with every library involved at least VirtualBox. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. Login Preferences. Browse Source. Mac OS X build instructions. Last modified 3 years ago.

virtualbox does not work with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Lion , If so, perform: Building VirtualBox Change to the root directory of the sources and execute the configure script: Whenever you want to build VirtualBox, you have to open a shell and source the generated environment setup script env. Running VirtualBox Load all the kernel extension modules. Execute and make sure the modules loads successfully. Now make sure that the setuid stubs have the correct permissions: Relative vs.


Library not loaded: You can display all linked libraries by the following command: Download in other formats: While it would be great to have this issue fixed, at a minimum, virtualbox should check if it is running on Then closer to the launch of Just to update this ticket: This is still not fixed with VirtualBox 4. We are working on a fix. When we have something to test then we will provide a test build. Could you check if the test build from the Downloads page fixes your problems?

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I tested the new build VirtualBox When I tried to start Virtualbox, it said:. You have VirtualBox 4.

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I could, however, start VirtualBox by directly running it from Terminal like this:. This enabled me to start VirtualBox successfully and also to run a virtual machine that was created with Virtualbox on the older OS X It worked quite well - a little laggy maybe. I didn't test creating new virtual machines so far. To avoid this message and able to lunch VirtualBox from Luncher.

Mac OS X build instructions

Thanks for the feedback! This is a temporary restriction from Apple. Let's put it this way: Now that the bug seems to be fixed, all you have is to increase the version number of the beta release of VIrtualBox to 4. I cannot blame the Apple engineer that added 4. The diff contains of several changesets. If you are really interested I can list them here. But you can also fetch the source code of VirtualBox 4.