Mac hard drive cable replacement

You have to be a bit of a private eye to uncover the secrets behind these drives, and the deeper we looked, the more surprises we found. The Brain. Lookup Apple Devices - Search By: Lookup Apple Parts - Search By: Any combination of relevant keywords macbook pro mid logic board. Order Number: Model Identifier: No devices found.

No products found No compatible products found No related products found. Is there a part, tool or other item that we don't carry and you'd like to see? Request an Item. All Articles Featured Discussion. Screwdriver Phillips PH Buy. Remove the ten Phillips screws which secure the bottom case and remove the bottom case. Disconnect the battery!

Always disconnect the battery before attempting any work on your device. Remove the two hard drive bracket screws along with the bracket so that the hard drive can be removed. Disconnect the hard drive from the hard drive cable and set the hard drive aside. Gently lift up the wide segment of the hard drive cable the segment not adhered in place to expose the aluminum underneath and apply tape to the aluminum surface where the hard drive cable will rest.

Apply a strip of tape to the top and bottom of the wide segment of the hard drive flex cable. Jase Fasiano Jase is into all things tech, but some might say he's a bit of an Apple fanboy.

Macbook Hard Drive Cable

Get our expert repair tips delivered right to your inbox. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Notify of. View Replies 1. View Replies 3. You shouldn't have any more problems with the computer not booting up and you don't have to worry anymore about having lost all of your data. Additionally, you fixed it yourself for the fraction of the price of getting it done professionally!

Now enjoy your working computer. There are only a few items needed for the repair: The new replacement cable - These can be found all over the internet like this one on Amazon. Just be careful to make sure that the one you buy is compatible with your model Macbook Pro. A Precision Phillips-head Screwdriver A Small Container - This will be used to hold the small screws that are removed from the computer since they can easily get lost.

An Anti-Static Wrist Strap optional - This or some other static discharging device is always a good idea when working with delicate electronics so that an accidental static discharge from your hands doesn't fry something inside the computer. Also being careful to touch something conductive before you touch your computer is also a valid method of discharging static.

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A Spudger optional. Shut down the computer. Unplug the computer. Make sure the computer is cool enough to touch.


Remove the backplate from the body of the computer by lifting up on the edges. Find the plug for the battery. Use the spudger or your fingers to carefully detach the battery. Unscrew the two screws on the bracket holding the drive. Pull out the bracket and set it aside.

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Disconnect the SATA connector on the left side of the drive by pulling straight out. Set aside the drive. Remove the four screws fastening the SATA cable to the chassis. Carefully slide the IR sensor out from under the screw mount 2. Peel the old cable off of the computer chassis. Carefully disconnect the remaining end of the cable using the spudger or your fingers. Set aside the old cable. Pull out the little yellow cable that goes into the sensor light. Very carefully insert the yellow sensor cable into the sensor bracket. The cables are quite easy to replace and I keep a few in stock.

One way of partially checking the problem is to externally connect the HDD e.

How to Replace HDD/SSD SATA Cable in MacBook Pro: 18 Steps (with Pictures)

You need to hold the alt key down when starting the MacBook to be able to select the external drive. Page content loaded. Jul 23, 2: Hi I am facing this problem too. I have a '11 macbook pro 13" and replaced HDD at first having two of them I did it effortless and moneyless , then without any fix decided to buy another HDD cable and problem seemed to be fixed.

I faced the same issue again, still after the same amount of time avg 3 weeks so the flat cable failed again. I am currently at the second cable bought and decided to not go for any buy again by now. At the first fail the cable appeared intact, last time, instead, I felt a smell of hot plastic and observed a polished round area on the tracks leading to the HDD, clue that cable was gone again.

Aug 31, 8: I'm having the same issue in my wife's MBP, we attend to the Apple Authorized Service Provider, this has been replaced two times, they mention that a batch of HDD flex had this issue and that they will replace it until the issue goes away, but in the meantime now due some random restarts that sometimes happen,.

Fix Apple MacBook Pro A1278 Mid 2012 hard drive cable - flashing question mark folder, HDD missing

Or how can we communicate this to apple and that they take the responsibility of their product, since we bought it the MBP never has been working as should, we have another MBP same year, same day of purchased and works totally different, or better to say: Sep 10, 9: Hello, I have the same problem, my data cable, but I have a question if someone can help me, the part is a in my macbook pro, and I get the cable but the model in this new is a.

Is there some difference? Because my MBP Mid is working, but sometimes get freeze when I click something or trying to refresh some websites, or opening some programs. Thank you so much!!!

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  5. Sep 10, Do you ever notice any physical wear on the cable? One youtube "fix" I saw involved simply insulating the cable with a piece of tape from the MBP's case where it had actually scraped a tiny portion of the very thin insulation off. Sep 11, If you have a 13", this is the cable you need: Just replaced another one of these cables tonight.

    13" mid-2012 drive cable replacement

    Still no known way to definitively diagnose them, which seems crazy. Internal cables are actually not cables but flexible circuit boards, usually mylar, with printed circuit traces taking the place of wires. This type of cable can experience cracks in traces due to aging, heat, vibration, impact and abrasion.

    They can be damaged quite easily if the unit is mishandled during assembly or re-assembly. In the case of an intermittent generic failure, the electrical continuity of a cracked trace on both sides of the crack is very often a function of the temperature of the unit at the point where the crack exists.

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    As a unit heats up, it expands, and as it expands, the crack widens, eventually forcing a complete electrical separation to exist on both sides of the crack, hence a failure. As it cools down, electrical contact may once again be restored. Addendum—I see now this thread is almost a year old. Nothing new here. One of many reasons Apple went to the PCI-e and soldered storage.

    Oct 3, I came across this old thread when I was looking to see if anyone had found a way of improving the life of the these cable. Given that the thread comes up high in a Google search and that it has had some quite recent traffic I thought it may be help to someone if I added my experience to it. I agree that the use of an enclose to test the HDD is old news and the only reason for mentioning it was com that had recently added a comment to the thread suggesting there was no definitive way to diagnose a problem with HDD cables.

    My view is that if the HDD works in the enclosure but not in the MacBook it makes trying a new cable worthwhile. Oct 9, 2: So glad I came across this, as it is what is happening to my MBP. Neither were the local mac dealers. Nov 3, Thank you for your explanation of the A and A cable differences. admin