2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core

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Upgrading your 8-core to core is an excellent idea. Select a higher performance procesor. Upgrading to a 8-core 3. Add to Cart. Please allow business days for preparation.

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See Policies for details. Ships from Los Angeles, CA. Year Model 1,1 Quad-Core 2. Year Model 2,1 8-Core 3.

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Year Model 3,1 Quad-Core 2. Year Model 4,1 Quad-Core 2.

Year Model 4,1 8-Core 2. Year Model 5,1 6-Core 2. Year Model 5,1 8-Core 2. Year Model 5,1 Core 2. Graphics Card. Memory Select your ideal memory configuration. Processor Select your ideal processor configuration.

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Product Price Quantity 3. Graphics Card Contact us if you would like to trade-in your existing graphics card. Solid-State Drive in Drive Bay If you plan to utilize this drive as the primary boot partition, we will pre-install the operating system for you. Solid-State Drive on PCIe Slot If you plan to utilize this drive as the primary boot partition, we will pre-install the operating system for you.

Flash Storage on PCIe Slot If you plan to utilize this drive as the primary boot partition, we will pre-install the operating system for you. Product Price Quantity Dual 2. All "Early " Mac Pro models have the processors mounted on LGA sockets and Apple did not impose any firmware restrictions, either. However, as is common with Mac upgrades, significant hurdles apply. As part of a longer upgrading piece , the hardworking hackers at the always excellent AnandTech successfully upgraded the stock 2.

Essentially, one needs to slide the processor tray out of the Mac Pro, unscrew the heatsinks with a long 3mm hex key, remove the heatsinks, clean off thermal paste residue, remove the processors, install the new processors, re-apply thermal paste, reattach the heatsinks, reinsert the processor tray, and close up the computer.

However, it is critical to note that the Apple uses custom processors without an "integrated heat spreader" or "lid" and Apple does not make it easy for an individual to be able to purchase these on the resale market although some may be available through graymarket sources.

AnandTech instead installed processors with an integrated heat spreader and upon the first time reattaching the heatsinks killed one of the new processors, the Mac Pro processor board, and one of the heatsinks. In a well written step-by-step article , The Mac Observer had better luck on the first try and successfully upgraded a stock Mac Pro "Eight Core" 2. Although the upgraded processors also had an integrated heat spreader, the author was able to carefully install them without damaging the processors or the system. For really adventurous hardware hackers, there is a second option that involves not only an officially unsupported hardware upgrade but also a firmware hack -- or "firmware update" if you prefer -- for the "Early " Mac Pro models.

As elaborated upon by ArsTechnica , this later firmware provides support for faster processors and faster RAM as well as enabling audio support on the Mini DisplayPort:. This firmware update reportedly is reversible, but proceed with caution. Should you apply any firmware hacks, backup everything first, and be prepared to accept any consequences.

Ultimately, it is quite possible for one to upgrade the stock processors in the "Early " Mac Pro models with faster ones available at the time the system was new or even more modern processors by taking advantage of firmware hacks. However, due to the fact that Apple uses different processors than those commonly available for resale, even a skilled hardware hacker should proceed with caution.

This is most definitely not an upgrade for those with limited hardware hacking experience. By reading the above as well as the linked tutorials, it is hoped that you will be able to decide whether or not upgrading the processors in your "Early " Mac Pro is something you feel skilled enough to handle or whether it is better to leave well enough alone.

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