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Use ScummVM last update: There are many options for playing your copies of Zork interactive fiction on almost any operating system.

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Marisa-Chan's Zengine is a better option. Added VMWare and Parallels to list of virtualization programs. Added Frotz. If you can get a Z-Machine running on a given system, you can basically load any Infocom game into it. This means it's pretty appealing for aspiring programmers to tinker with… and it also means that once you get Zork running, you can play a whole lot of other classics.

Builtin games/amusements

Welcome down the rabbit hole. The one drawback here is that technically , Zork isn't freeware. Creating a Z-Machine emulator or simulation is totally legal, but the code for individual games has never been released into the public domain. That said, the series' current owner, Activision, tends not to make a big deal about the game's distribution if there's no profit motive involved.

How Can I Play It?: The Zork Trilogy

That feels true to the series' origins as a collaborative, non-commercial project. It's always nice when corporate ownership doesn't completely smother the classic hacker mindset. The great thing about Z-Machines is that, having been designed to run on computers running with single-digit kilobytes of RAM, it's no trouble at all for modern web browsers to run an interpreter in Flash or HTML 5 or whatever.

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A quick search for "play Zork" on Google will turn up pages of websites where you can play seamlessly in the page and even save your progress between sessions. Personally, I recommend going to the Internet Archive aka archive. You can find the Internet Archive's Zork page here. If you prefer playing offline, you have access to no end of Zork-friendly interpreters. You can find a massive list of these engines at the Interactive Fiction Archive. Of all these interpreters, Frotz seems to have the best reputation. It's available for an absolutely ridiculous array of systems, though some platforms — such as Mac OS X — are woefully out of date and probably won't run on current versions of the operating system.

Play an 'old-school' adventure game

For Mac users, Gargoyle comes highly recommended by IF literati. Up until about three days ago, the best way to play Zork on iOS was with Lost Treasures of Infocom , a collection of nearly two dozen Z-machine games supported officially by Activision. Unfortunately, that support ended a while back, and the launch of the bit-only iOS 11 this week means Lost Treasures is no longer officially supported — it's very likely mired forever in the bit realm. Luckily, iOS users also have Frotz , which does support the new bit operating system. There's a version for Android , too! admin