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Verified Whole: No Leaf: No Writable: Yes Mounted: No BSD Major: ATA Removable: No Ejectable: No Volume Locked: No Content Hint: Invalid extents btree depth information 6. Repairing volume Invalid number of allocation blocks. Volume check failed. Checking for errors in the extents map Rebuild failed.

Repair Failed. Device Error - Mount failed for device 'disk0s3' with 'Unsupported request Please Verify the filesystem, it may need to be repaired. I prefer using a mac, I do have access to a PC in case there was another program you could recommend for me, though I do prefer to use my Mac. Remove Advertisements. In the case if you think it would be something mechanical Perhaps I could swap out a circuit board or other part if this is what the cause is to be determined? The drives themselves may or may not be identical for a parts match - even the same model drives, built in the same country, on the same day, may be vastly different internally.

Experience speaking here LOL What filesystem did you use? The repair looks like it is trying to read HFS.

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Your best bet at this point is try scanning on a PC with r-studio or getdataback and see if you can recover the files and copy out to another disk. It sounds more like corrupt filesystem. Hello, thank you for your reply. Assuming I am understanding you correctly, which I may not be, the HD would only be accessible during the times I've kept it mounted.

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I was merely using it as a storage device. How does a filesystem become corrupt? Mac's performance and files are impossible to corrupt. At least when not running in PC mode on the newer models I am able to get the Data back.

  1. cloning a mac pro hard drive.
  2. OK, I need help. Big time. Yosemite.
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  4. Please Help!!!: "invalid number of allocation blocks".

Checking HFS Plus volume. Invalid number of allocation blocks The volume needs to be repaired. Volume check failed. The underlying task reported failure on exit 1 volume checked 0 HFS volumes verified 1 volume failed verification The drive is currently not mounted and when i click on "MOUNT" in Disk Utility nothing happends. How can I retrieve the data on it? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted October 22, Definitley give DiskWarrior a go, it's what we use in service Theres another one too, but I can't remember the name Good luck dude. Invalid leaf record count. Invalid volume file count.

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Invalid volume directory count. Invalid volume free block count. Invalid volume header. Volume header needs minor repair. Volume bitmap needs minor repair. Incorrect number of thread records.

Incorrect number of extended attributes. Incorrect number of Access Control Lists. Unused node is not erased. These messages are less common: Invalid node height. Incorrect block count for file. Overlapped extent allocation.

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Invalid number of allocation blocks. Invalid BTH length. Overlapped node allocation. Invalid catalog record type.

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Invalid catalog PEOF. Invalid extent file PEOF. Invalid B-tree header. Catalog file entry not found for extent. Missing directory record. Invalid key for thread record. Invalid parent CName in thread record. admin