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Translate Show original text. Jon Hanry. Mike Rodenburg. I want to be able to watch my Netflix shows using the Netflix App on my Samsung smart tv Mike Rodenburg: Hi Stephen, I'm still having the same problems regarding the speed of the servers.

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As probably many other users I'm willing to pay a higher price as long as the speeds are constant and decent. Are there any plans to offer such a package in the very near future? Hi Stephen, Thanks again for your reply.

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I'm also not aware of any private VPN with 65Mbps speeds, also that is not what I'm looking for because it would simply be overkill. However I am looking for a stable connection with let's say around Mbps which would be sufficient for my usage. Since you were previously talking about a new HMA project regarding upgraded servers which makes me hopeful to get some better speeds soon Your sms sex: Eloisa S.

I downloaded the new version and it doesn;t work on my mac.

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I dont know what to do. I had that problem before and I had to download the previous version, but now neither of them work at all.

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I had no trouble loading websites, and I was able to stream Netflix flawlessly with dozens of active browser tabs open at the same time. The default view is Location Mode, which allows you to connect via a specific country or even city. To choose a location, click the Change location button under Location Mode. Pro Tip: Once you find the location you want, click it and the name of the location changes color. Now navigate back to the Location Mode tab by clicking on the back arrow at the top of the screen. To connect, click the Disconnected slider.

HMA will then try to connect to your desired location by searching for a server with the highest possible speed. Location Mode is by far the most complicated of the three tabs. The other two do not allow you to choose your location; they connect automatically instead.

Back to Step 1 to check whether it was gone or not by clicking Refresh button. Back to Homepage Blog Purchase. Why it cannot work to uninstall?

Left so may traces behind my Mac, what can I do? How can I exactly remove it completely? Before Removal: Also, please manually remove the following library: admin