Archicad 14 mac system requirements

Forward Compatibility means an older version of a software can open a file made by a newer version of the software. Be Warned!

But anything that was new to ArchiCAD 16 will be lost in the back-saved version so all your Morphs will vanish. Regardless of the lost data, one step into the past is easy. Fortunately the data going backwards and forwards in time was all 2D. This meant lost data was pretty much negligible. Also note that for this process to work, one has to have all the intervening versions of ArchiCAD installed. Library parts Objects have their own special quarks about backwards and forwards compatibility.

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This ArchiCADwiki article explains the process nicely. The link at the beginning of this paragraph also covers Migration Libraries. Those are important with migrating forward in time. Think of Migration Libraries as discontinued Objects. You can download ArchiCAD libraries from versions 4.

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This link will tell you more. Did you follow everything I wrote? Probably not. And probably partially my secret goal. None of the above really matters if you always work with current or fairly current software and bring your backlog of data with you.

System Requirements

Is it annoying that you have to spend a few hours or a day every couple of years making sure your old projects are in an accessible version? Video Cards. Windows related issues. Educational and Trial version. CodeMeter Key. Parametric Profiles. Model Exchange IFC. Hotlink and external content. Install and Setup BIMcloud. Connection issues. New CineRender Engine. Migration Topics: Collision Detection Setting Building Materials: Find and Select Elements with Missing Attributes.

Elevation Values in the Tracker. Selection Highlight and Element Information Highlight.

Improvements in ARCHICAD 14

Snap Points on Temporary Vector. Magic Wand Settings. Special Distribute. Tips and Tricks. Automatic Trim Automatic Trim: Example 1 Automatic Trim: Example 2.

Teamwork and BIM Server Enhancements

Merge Elements: Revolved Shell: Ruled Vaulted Shell. This website uses cookies for analytics and personalization. Click here to learn more about how we use cookies. Please allow the use of cookies to personalize your interaction with Vectorworks. Vectorworks Vectorworks Vectorworks Vectorworks Vectorworks Vectorworks Vectorworks Vectorworks Vectorworks Vectorworks Vectorworks Vectorworks System Requirements The following are real-world system requirements for running Vectorworks General Requirements: Operating Systems: Entry-level Profile: OpenGL 2.

Compatibility note: ArchiCAD on Windows 8 - Shoegnome Architects

Display Resolution: Recommended Hardware Profiles: High-end Profile: A dedicated OpenGL 2. Installing Vectorworks on flash storage SSD is recommended.

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Mid-level Profile: Network Requirements for Project Sharing Project sharing requires high-speed network connections. LAN Sharing: Cloud Sharing: Hard Drive: Storing large project files on flash storage SSD is recommended. admin