Star tsp100 futureprnt mac driver

First, ensure your printer is powered on, connected to a USB port on your computer, and loaded with paper. On the left side of the dialog that appears you will see your currently installed printers. In the Add dialog, you should see your Star printer on the list of available devices. If you do not see your printer, it is either not connected check USB , not powered on check power switch and cords , or faulty contact your printer supplier.

Power cycling - unplugging the device and plugging it back in - may help clear some errors. If you successfully installed the driver per the instructions above, the Star TSP Cutter driver should appear in the Use menu. If it does not, you may be able to find it by choosing Select Software and browsing the menu that pops up. Once the proper driver is selected, click Add and your Star TSP should appear on your computer's list of installed printers. The following settings only need to be set once your printing page may look different than the examples below: Uncheck the "Print headers and footers" box.

Click on the menu titled Safari within this print box , and select "Printer Features.

How To Install A Star Micronics USB Printer with StarPRNT Drivers

From the Cash Drawer menu, select "Open Drawer 1. Setting a Preset: Click OK to save these settings as your receipt preset. The following setting needs to be selected every time you print: From the Paper Size menu, select "72mm x mm. Click Print. If you are using Firefox: Click on the Manage tab and create a ticket.

If it is not, then please see section above to set it as default.

Thermal Receipt Printer -TSP () for Mac OS (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)

Click on Show Details to expand the printer window. Set all the headers and footers to "--blank--" using the dropdown menus. Click on the menu titled Firefox it is within this print box , and select Paper Handling. If the print is too small, check the box to "Scale to fit paper size.

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From the Feature Sets dropdown list, select "Output Options. From the Feature Sets dropdown list, select "Cash Drawer Control" skip these steps if you did not purchase a cash drawer from. Save settings as a Preset.

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Click OK to save these settings as a receipt preset. From the Paper Size menu, select "72mm x mm" Click Print. How do I know what version I have on my Mac computer? Click on the Apple icon on the top right of your browser. Select "About This Mac". Click on the More Info button. Did you find this article helpful?

Yes I found this article helpful. No I did not find this article helpful. Open the System Preferences and select Printers and Fax. Highlight the TSP in the add printers list. When the computer finds the appropriate driver, click Add.

Star TSP 100 Setup Mac

Windows 7 TSP Mac OSX Download these files: Run cups You will need to enter the administrator password for the computer. Run usbtb After it is mounted, double-click usbtb. If you are asked about searching for USBTB devices, you can cancel or skip that part of the install process. Continue the rest of the process with the default settings. Run starcupsdrv Reboot your computer. When the computer is done loading, turn on your receipt printer. In the list of printers, click TSP with connection usbtb. Select the TSP with the Location set to Directly attached via usb and clear it for the menu column.

This printer is automatically added by OSX but will not work. This prevents you from accidentally selecting the incorrect printer. Windows 7 Before you power on your TSP receipt printer, download the drivers and extract them. Click Start , right click My Computer and select Properties. In System Properties , click Device Manager. Power on the TSP receipt printer.

Setting up a Star TSP100 (USB and LAN) on your computer (MAC or Windows)

On the Update Driver Software page, click Browse my computer for driver software. Browse to where you downloaded the driver folder and choose the 32 bit or 64 bit folder , depending on the version of Windows 7 you have, and click Next. The printer is now installed and you can configure your printer for use with LightSpeed Retail. In Devices and printers , right click the Star printer and select Printing Preferences.

At the bottom of the Printing Preferences , click Advanced. Set the paper size to 72 x Receipt and press OK twice to return to the printer properties window. Click Device Settings: It can take up to 10 minutes to download. Extract the file and run the installer for your 32 or bit OS. Click Next through all the install prompts. When the install is complete, plug your printer in. Turn it on and see if the computer recognizes it. Right click the Star printer and select Printing Preferences.