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All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Wake on LAN doesn't work reliably under other circumstances. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Tim Campbell1 Tim Campbell1. The standard puts the the machine to sleep while allowing the network card to watch for a specially crafted packet - not just any packet will do. If the correct type of packet is received, the network card will wake the machine. Apple's Airport Extreme Base Stations only the newer models -- older models wont work know how to send the correct packet type and work with Bonjour if any Apple service is invoked e.

What really happens is the router notices the attempt to reach the machine and sends the correct "wake" packet. Very recent Macs can wake on either Airport or Ethernet. Slightly older but still fairly new Macs don't support wake via Airport wireless but do support wake on physical ethernet cable connections.

In the left-margin select "Airport" it's in the "Network" section , then check the information displayed on the right.

Near the bottom is "Wake on Wireless: It needs to mention that it is "Supported" otherwise it wont work for Airport but it will work if the machine is connected via a physical ethernet cable. Also see: Tim Campbell1.

For all looking... Here is a easy way to wake a sleeping mac!

Camelot Camelot. The original implementation uses the standard Wake-on-LAN protocol where a special 'magic packet' is sent directly to the machine's ethernet port. The packet has to be specially crafted to include the machine's MAC address and when the port detects the packet it wakes the system. In this model you cannot just hope to wake the machine via any-old application.

The applications aren't actively running on the machine when it's sleeping, so they can't hear the network or know to wake in reality, the machine doesn't even have an active IP address when it's sleeping, so you can't send a packet to the IP address and hope to wake the machine, either.

The second implementation can wake the machine via different application layer protocols but it requires a compatible base station to manage your network. In this model when your machine goes to sleep the base station assumes its IP address and listens for network traffic on behalf of the machine. When it detects suitable traffic it wakes the machine and you're set. The advantage with this approach is that it works for a broad range of applications, and you don't need the magic packet, nor know the machine's MAC address.

However, you do need a suitable read: Anyway your statement is probably not correct since I can wake my other computers from home through a VNC connection.

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As stated in my first post, Airport is of. My Mac mini is only one month old. In any case, the ability to wake the system is trigger by a carefully crafted packet -- not just any packet will do.

Can I 'wake' my imac from sleep mode from a Remote Location ?

This is because systems can receive network traffic constantly. If just any packet could wake a system then many systems would effectively not be able to "sleep" at all. In any case, you would need a fairly recent version of an Apple Airport Extreme base station with recent firmware. Another computer wont send the correct wake-on-network packet, but the Airport will send it if it sees traffic attempting to reach one of the Bonjour-registered services. If you don't have an Apple router that supports this, there is another option -- slightly more cumbersome Communications Blog Business and technology insights to help evolve your remote access strategy Press releases All our latest product and company news Media coverage Publications we've featured in, and industry news related to remote access.

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