Icons for mac os x snow leopard

LiteIcon is another good choice. I had the same problem, and ended up using LiteIcon. I highly recommend it, as it has an easy to use interface and is also free.

How To Change Icons In Mac OS X Snow Leopard

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The Dock | Mac OS X Snow Leopard Pocket Guide: Applications and the Dock | Peachpit

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Changing Folder's Icon Ask Question. The Icon I want to be there: What I get: You see? That is not the png itself, but the icon of a png file. I want the png to be the icon. Am I missing something? Nivas Nivas 1, 1 17 Exactly what version of Mac OS X are you using?

Snow Leopard. I've had a similar problem in the past. Nathan Greenstein Nathan Greenstein Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Todd, correct of course. Now if you open a file without an embedded ICC-tag just about every picture from the internet Photoshop will automatically show it in your default RGB color space.

You will see much brighter colors as a result.

Creating Or Finding New Icons

Unless when you save for web. Than it will convert to sRGB….

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Devin You are not alone. Most of the time colours are washed out when saving for web. Which is quite simple: That ICNS files look washed out when: Thus, when tackling this issue myself, some many months ago, I devised a slightly more universal way to handle this problem. I hope others do too. And many thanks once again to Cabel of Panic for this most excellent blog article. Windows has always used 2. Apple has held out for many years, but finally conformed to make it easier on designers to hand images back and forth.

Check out this article from Apple:. Thanks for this. My icon was much lighter than I expected. Was brought here. Followed the steps. Everything was well. The internet is a beautiful thing. If only developing an app was that straightforward…. Would like to recommend to fix the color change problem in your apps Coda 1. See here for the Coda example. I was looking into this for my app ChopShop and discovered that Icon Composer on Lion does a much better job at preserving colors: However, none of the profiles mentioned here actually reflect the true color of the.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

Again, it may just be me, but you might want to try that alternative as well. We spent a long time trying to figure this out, and the story goes something like this: Ok, ok. So here are the steps we use to guarantee With your final artwork open in Photoshop, choose Convert to Profile from the Edit menu. Do not be alarmed. Drag your color-corrected. We re-installed Photoshop.

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We created a new user account. We re-installed Mac OS X. Immediately, colors were rendering correctly.

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My jaw hit the floor. We rebooted, and colors were broken again. I was so disturbed by this, we just bought him a new machine. Posted at You should have repaired permissions! Hope this helps!

Seems to work! No idea if it helps with the icon color differences, but I hope it will. When colour proofing is on — what you see will be exactly as you designed. Glad to see someone else has this problem. Color management in Dock is simply buggy to the point of being useless!

Method 1: How To Change Application Icons (With Backup)

As someone else noted: Matt Kenyon Thanks for that tip! It works perfectly. The solution I came up with was to simply use OS X Check out this article from Apple: Excellent article and comments.