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The first step to be able to play Blu-rays on a Mac is to purchase a Blu-ray drive. The cheaper models are usually from unknown vendors and often get poor reviews from users. At first blush, there are a number of different Blu-ray playback software options for Mac users. I tried two such programs: In my testing, I found the interfaces to be exactly the same, aside from some different colors. The Preferences windows are the same; the About boxes are nearly the same, too, with just a slight difference in version numbers.

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This kind of similarity is common with DVD, Blu-ray, and other types of video-conversion software. Note that Mac Blu-ray Player is due for a 3. First, you should be aware of a couple of things. Because the software needs to acquire the decryption keys required for playback online, you need an Internet connection for it to work. Second, registering the software imposes constraints. And, when I switched the registration back to my desktop Mac, the software told me I had activated it two out of five times.

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There are five times each year for Macgo registration code activation. Your registration code activation limit is reached.

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Since then, the company has definitely improved the software. Video playback was smooth, with no artifacts, in both a window and in full-screen mode. I tested the app on both a late Mac mini 2. In addition to simply playing your Blu-ray movies on your Mac, you may want to copy them to your Mac to watch on your laptop when traveling, or convert to a format you can watch via an Apple TV, for example.

We and others think that, if you own a disc, you should be able to override its copy protection to make a backup copy or to convert its content for viewing on other devices.

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So our advice is: If you do own it, think before you rip. There are two methods you can use. Completing our movie conversions has never been this fast and easy with this robust and efficient drive.

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If you need a dependable BluRay player and DVD external drive, then you can get these in this nifty unit. Just connect the external drive using the USB 3. Simply plug and play without having to use a driver or AC adapter.

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Downloading of the drivers is not a problem with this device. With the impressive USB 3. There are also 2 USB ports included, and these should be sufficient in providing you with a good amount of power supply that you need. This product features the USB 3. The choice is completely up to you, but either way, you can expect total satisfaction from the results you will get. There is no hint of poor construction of cheap materials used on the drive, which means this product can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance.

Just the overall feel and look of this external BluRay drive should impress any user. There is no loud noise generated unlike with other external drives. With a slim profile, this BluRay writer by Pioneer looks as sleek and elegant as it can get. Design-wise, it features a chic silver color that goes well with your Macbook laptop or computer. However, the software only works on Mac OS, so it will not function with Windows. In case you have a Windows device, additional software must be used.

If you want to playback a movie, but your disc has some scratches or fingerprints, you can do so using the PowerRead feature. As for the Auto Quiet Mode, this reduces noise when you listen to music or watch a movie by adjusting the speed of disc rotation. With a high capacity data storage, you can save massive files as needed. In addition to this, the Power Director 10E lets you edit home videos using a wide selection of creating editing tools.

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All you need to do is to plug it, and you should get started with it in no time. Slot loading is used as there is no eject button, which adds to the convenience you can get from this unit. There is also no driver installment, and it should work well with any computer that comes with a USB port. This unit is compatible with the USB 1.

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Whenever you need data backups, you can count on this unit for such purpose. However, these are excellent speeds that ensure only the best results worth the wait. We love how slim and portable this BluRay external drive is, which makes it a breeze to bring along and operate whenever necessary. It also uses the USB 3. Thus, CPU power wastage is minimized when transferring data.

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