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They all sound so similar. Besides, they were remixed by non-Fleetwood Mac engineers. Not coincidentally, those two editions have great live tracks included—much of which had never circulated anywhere. I feel this should have just been 3 cds and a DVD and the vinyl should have been sold separately for the people who are into relics. I bought it as a laserdisc in … In my opinion, a live dvd would have been nicer than a vinyl copy of the studio album. I would also like to point out that Fleetwood Mac recognized the contributions that their extended remixes gave and there is a full disc of those, how cool is that.

Something Paul McCartney should take notice of!!! Everytime Fleetwood Mac have listed an upcoming super deluxe edition, I have been breathless with anticipation, this will be no different. Many are great about this, others — and we can all think of a few! So, thumbs up for Fleetwood Mac, their team and the label here. And love that they are all in correct order, I hate shuffled tracks. The one with a cracking version of Stand Back? But otherwise a little niggle in a pretty strong package. Yes yes yes yes!!!!

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There is a god! You only hear in stereo anyway. It is true. Movies I accept why you may want to simulate sounds coming from different directions for effect. For music simulating sitting in the middle of a room with different instruments playing around you in is really a novelty. Because for those outside the recording band setup in a room it almost never happens in reality that you hear music channels separated in any way but stereo.

The MAC album was recorded and mastered with a pair of stereo monitors in the control room like all albums. If you want to create a multi-channel mix of it then fine, but that is not the original way the band and producer listened back in the studio. To some listeners, a quality 5. It would seem from numerous blind test studies that the true novelty would likely be more associated with average people being able to discern a notable difference between hi-res and standard resolution.

Most cannot accurately pick out the difference. Greg we have two ears and hear binaurally. Stereo mixes are the most faithful to mimic what we hear naturally in terms of spatial placement with said ears. That is not a post-truth fact, just a fact. Hence multi-channel surround music mixes have never taken hold and been popular or mainstream. Although many argue that even stereo is an artificial presentation, and that a mono mix is best to hear music with balanced sound waves coming toward us as they do live from static musicians playing in front of us.

George Martin and Brian Wilson were big mono fans although the latter was deaf one side.


So the further away you get from mono the less realistic the presentation is?: Sure, they are interesting. They are most definitely not a realistic or authentic representation of the way people hear music naturally, unless you are listening whilst in the middle of a band playing! Even then it can get silly, e. It is impossible in reality. Fun to hear yes, but not realistic without technical intervention. There has to be an irony that when watching one of the most proactive issuers of MC mixes Mr David Gilmour live at the Royal Albert Hall last year the sound presented to the audience was a stereo mix 2.

I bet neither Dave or his band were hearing monitoring in anything greater than 2. It is that good, a mystical, catchy-as-hell, sumptuous chocolate cake of a song! Baffled as to why it was left off the album to begin with. Thanks Paul that news make my day! My dream SDE almost lives up to my expectations! This set gathers everything up, plus some extra demos, puts it in a beautiful box I am biased because for me Tango is the most stunning album sleeve of all-time and even includes DVD promos and a Hi-Res mix.

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The vinyl will obviously be unnecessary for me, but the sleeve could always be framed and it also means the overall SDE box is full-size, rather than a 3CD fat digipak. Hence the old-style pre-order links!! I might be canceling my pre-order. There was a Tango in the Night concert video released, which I was hoping to be included. The first three discs look good, though. Hopefully this would entail blu-ray and even larger hardcover books with gorgeous hardcover slip cases….

I hope they do the Behind the Mask cd next. This would be interesting. Considering it was a time of transition for the band. There should be some very interesting songs from them during this time. This news makes my day! So glad. Very curious to hear the transition from part 1 into part 2 though.

A definite purchase. This is a great set — and no McCartney-esque downloads to content with either! I will buy it!. My goodness, how people love to complain. This box set has something for everyone, including the vinyl lovers like myself. Not something for this everybody. I am taking a pass due to the lack of 5.

Review: Fleetwood Mac, “Tango in the Night: Deluxe Edition”

Maybe just maybe, someone at the labels visit these sites and will gauge that there is a interest in 5. Gutted there is no 5: Looks nice. I agree. They should offer 3 disc separately not only 2. Also, as per the previous sets, I reckon the actual release date will end up nearer to May! If it does, this is a great set. If not, what a stunning omission! I would have prefered the option of a 3Disc Set with all the mixes included, rather than the mixes only being in the Super Deluxe Edition which is not only much more expensive but I will never play the Vinyl LP, there being a CD of it, or rarely will I ever watch the DVD.

Or listen to the studio outtakes and demos. Even a three disc edition would have been better. I hope WB are listening and reading this thread. A classic album. I hear the complaints about a lack of 5. Include the remixes, always!! Excellent news. Saw this listed on Amazon US last week.


Was waiting for it to get a UK release date only to see it dissapear a few days later. Order placed. You And I, Part 1 is on there it seems https: Yet another box set with a pointless vinyl edition as well as the CDs. Not impressed. Vinyl rules, I want the vinyl as well as all of the extended versions and remixes, etc. Just an excuse to bump up the price. Should make the formats available separately.

You miss the point. These collections are for completists and we should be grateful the record company and the artist put them out in the first place. Still hoped for a 5. The track list above is incorrect. Nice track list but where is You And I Part 1 — been after that track in high quality for years. Rumours pun not intended have been rife for years that a 5. A high resolution 5. The disc is available used or new from Amazon. So I understand why no 5. Tusk and Mirage had one so it really is a peeve that no 5. I was referring to Tango In The Night: Seems like WB knows the importance of all the remixes for fans.

I believe this was the only FM project that had so many remixes.

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  • Out Now: Fleetwood Mac, TANGO IN THE NIGHT – Deluxe Edition | Rhino.
  • I will be buying this. Great job FM, their management and the label. I am very happy that the 12inch versions are included. I thought there was an surround mix done by Wilson. I will order it anyway. Looks like a nice set — but it does slightly niggle me how we keep getting DVDs rather than Blu-Ray, when Blu-Ray has been around for years. DVD sales are still pretty reasonable which suggests that this is true of quite a few people.

    A stereo hi-res mix and some 80s promo videos which were probably shot on video, would be two of those things. Plus the majority still only have DVD players. Spot on. Blu-ray is only useful, for images anyway, if the original footage was shot on cinefilm. This is unlikely for s promos which have probably languished on Umatic or Betacam. So even going up to standard definition on a DVD is stretching the original and HD x is a step too far for the original s material, serving no purpose and doing what your Blu-ray player would do anyway which is upscale the image.

    I understand your point about the blu-ray quality being greater than the source material but layer transitioning is also a factor. The absence of a 5. Tango in the Night would have lent itself very well to a surround mix. A real shame. Surely they could have got Mr Wilson to do one even from basic stereo track which he has done before: Your email address will not be published. Search Search. Skip to content. Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night - super deluxe box set. November 22, at Paul Sinclair says: Anthony Grice says: November 23, at Rob says: May 8, at Geoff says: Jeff says: Saar Freedman says: April 8, at Steve says: April 27, at Carl says: April 5, at April 4, at Simon Baxendale says: April 2, at Brian Scott says: March 31, at Chris Squires says: Turned up this morning, lovely.

    Julian Bashford says: Naughty — or just bad management of their files! Chris says: March 29, at Well at least this version has avoided my usual problem with the FM deluxe editions…… I have wanted both the 5. Wayne Klein says: Paul Brown says: Larry Davis says: March 28, at April 19, at If you want CD3 you have to buy the super deluxe with the vinyl. Michel Banen says: March 27, at Steven J Morgan says: March 19, at Now showing on Amazon as: Currently unavailable.

    March 20, at Joe says: Gregory Daniels says: February 24, at February 18, at Neil says: February 16, at Paul McCartney says: February 13, at Alan says: Andy says: February 2, at Simon says: January 30, at Phil Fogel says: Philip Cohen says: January 29, at I reckon SW probably did a surround mix as well… maybe for release at a later date. Andrew Edwards says: January 28, at Dejan Dozic says: Matthew Collier says: January 27, at No Hi-Res 5. Robert says: Andreas says: Rickjapan says: William M says: Griffin says: Guy Vitti says: Missed opportunity excluding a 5.

    This album exceptionally recorded. Philip Birtwistle says: January 26, at Patrick Hannan says: Gino says: Ryan says: Chris Cooper says: Judemac says: Kauwgompie says: AnthonyC says: Stefano says: Josh Higgins says: Willy says: Dani77 says: Tango — no 5.

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    • DaveM says: Michael says: Vinyl should be separate. Eddie says: Ronnie says: Jens says: Please, give us a 3-CD-pack. Anthony says: Wolfgang Mintrop says: Bruno says: January 25, at Jon says: Jake says: RJSWinchester says: Christian says: David Oberman says: Matthew Tate likes this. Colorado Springs CO. Jrr , Jan 16, Linger63 likes this. It better include all the remixes and B-sides. Hexwood , Jan 16, ME USA.

      Bill Mac , Jan 16, JackDVD78 , Plan9 and kenbefound like this. Nashville, TN. MYKE likes this. Will definitely be buying though! Porkpie , Jan 17, Adam Bosman likes this. East Yorkshire, England.

      Oyster Boy , Jan 17, Porkpie likes this. Dark Horse 77 , Jan 17, Alan57 , Jan 17, I also bought the alternate Tusk on vinyl for RSD. I wonder if this will be the end of the series or if Behind the Mask will be up next? ZippyPippy and kenbefound like this. Eugene, Oregon. Kristofa , Jan 17, Scottb , Jan 17, ZippyPippy , Oyster Boy and kenbefound like this. Fall River, MA.