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Contacts is selected, and then click Finish to export the data as a. The Comma Separated Value. CSV file generated in the process above is readable by the participant headquarters address book. Open the file in an application such as Microsoft Excel, and make any changes. For example, if there are duplicate records, you may want to clean them before importing the. CSV file into your address book.

Import the contacts into your address book as described in Address Book Importing. In the Export section, click Export. Select Export to a file and click Next. Under Select folder to export from , select the contact folder to export and click Next. Exporting from a. To export contact information saved as a CSV file to your personal headquarters address book, perform these steps:.

Create an olm file on a MAC

Verify the CSV file does not contain duplicate records. Clean the date as necessary. Exporting from Yahoo!

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To export contact information from Yahoo! If the remaining steps are different from what you see on your screen, search Yahoo! For Yahoo! Launch Entourage; create a new subfolder folder of "On My Computer.

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This may take awhile to complete, depending on how many messages you're transferring; Entourage, or Mac OS, may not respond for a few minutes. You'll have to do this for "Sent" and any other OE folders, but not now; you need to do these one folder set at a time. Create an Entourage Mail View that excludes all folders, including the one new subfolder you just creeated.

What you're trying to do is identify the messages just imported and consolidate them in one view listing. Check the view for errors. Sort it by date and scroll through from the start to end to check if the topmost and bottommost messages have either empty dates or today's date and time in it. If there are such messages, these are errors and you can correct or delete them.

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When all the messages look good to you, or if you choose to just delete the ones with errors, make sure Entourage is finished populating the view, then select and drag and drop the Mail View folder the view icon, not the messages to your Desktop. This will create a ". You can now create separate mbox files for your OE "Sent" and other folders; however, you must delete the new subfolder you previously created in Entourage, empty the deleted items folder and start over with a new Entourage subfolder before doing each drop -- otherwise the view will pick up messages from previous drop s.

Import the Entourage. Ensure each. Be sure to check the number of messages imported into Apple Mail shown when the mailbox is opened in Mail -- the number should match the number of. If it doesn't match, a common error is the Entourage Mail View wasn't populated completely when it was exported to mbox; start over with the import into Entourage and make sure the view is finished populating.

Also, make sure the deleted items folder is emptied between each drop to avoid duplicate messages. View answer in context.

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Loading page content. Until then, there's really nothing for you to do. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. That is the crux of my question.

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  6. I shall try it with crossed fingers! Bill Cruise Bill Cruise. Audio Speciality level out of ten: I must admit that I don't remember all of the details, but it was relatively easy to transfer my data I then exported or maybe just copied the mail files produced by Thunderbird, and burned them to a CD I may have moved the files to my Mac via Ethernet.

    I then downloaded and installed Thunderbird on my Mac, and then imported the Thunderbird file created on my PC. From there, I verified operation in Thunderbird, then imported the files into my iMac's Mail program.

    Exporting and Importing Data in Outlook on Macintosh

    I don't recall if I exported csv or other files from Thunderbird as a first step or not. It wasn't very difficult, to be sure, so don't despair Good luck! Equally important, they solved the problem. Thanks again. I followed the detailed instructions provided by the previous responder and, lo and behold, that hurdle has been jumped! I've never before been party to an on-line discussion, but this experience has confirmed my long-held belief in collective wisdom and most people's willingness to be helpful.

    Below are instructions for importing the address book list directly into Microsoft Outlook so that you can use your contacts in that email program. You can even select one or more specific contacts if you'd rather not export the whole list. Drag and drop "All Contacts. Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since

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