Holding shift during mac startup

Typically you would enable the firmware password from either of these options, however it's still possible to do from the OS. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Chillie Chillie 3 While c didn't work for me, the threads you posted contained advice on pressing any number of keys to avoid Safe-Boot.

OPT worked for me.

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I'm glad I added them then! The problem Yesterday, a little water spilt on my 13" MBP keyboard. Symptoms Boots in safe mode everytime which I later found out was because the shift key is pressed Cannot login because password is in lower case or has numbers Cannot boot in super user mode and try to disable keys or override password as some commands won't work in uppercase I wouldn't recommend this anyway because its super user mode All text is in caps and numbers are symbols as though shift key is always pressed Audio doesn't work Keyboard viewer would not always show the shift key pressed.

White screen of death solution - Mac

The key seemed to get pressed at random Fix Hold the Option button down on boot to bypass the Safe Mode ensure a normal boot At the login screen, plug in a USB keyboard and enter your password to login Change your password to one that uses all caps and no numbers Download and install KeyRemap4MacBook. Use a combination of the functionalities of the Keyboard Viewer and KeyRemap4MacBook to figure out which shift key is the problem. In my case, I found out that it was only my left shift key.

The fix above is at the software level. The key is physically still shorted at the hardware level and will affect boot. So your password now has to be all caps and only letters.

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  • holding shift during mac startup.
  • Shift key damaged how to disable at boot You could enable a firmware password. Apple's KB article detailing this behavior - HT I'm going to assume that you can't boot to your recovery partition, or an installer disc, thanks to the stuck shift key. To enable the firmware password while inside your OS, Enter the following string in Terminal. This enables the debug menu in Disk Utility. Your Recovery partition should now be visible on the left side of Disk Utility , select and click Mount to mount it in your system.

    Target Disk Mode is a very useful feature exclusive to Macs that, in effect, lets you turn your Mac into an unnecessarily complex external drive. Want news and tips from TekRevue delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up for the TekRevue Weekly Digest using the box below. Get tips, reviews, news, and giveaways reserved exclusively for subscribers. Filed Under: Startup Manager Most Mac users will probably only ever use the single drive that came with their system. Apple KB HT The Mac Startup Manager will update as needed, so if you add or remove bootable drives or devices on your Mac, the list will automatically display the current options.

    Enable Target Disk Mode Target Disk Mode is a very useful feature exclusive to Macs that, in effect, lets you turn your Mac into an unnecessarily complex external drive.

    Mac startup key combinations

    Once your Mac is running in Safe Mode, some applications will no longer be available. You can manage the list of startup applications manually, removing the potential buggy apps one at a time to see if it affects the performance. There is still a problem though. To diagnose your Mac more precisely, we recommend performing a full scan with some dedicated Mac cleaning app. As described above, CleanMyMac is our favorite you can download this app here for free.

    Start in Safe Boot mode for Adobe products on Mac OS X

    Note that it may take longer than usual to boot your computer: You will not have to hold the Shift key when the computer restarts, simply log in when prompted. To find your boot mode, click on the Apple logo in the menu top left and select This Mac. Choose System Report, then Software, and from there you will be able to see whether you are in normal or safe mode. Your performance speed will change. Typically macOS will run slower when it is in Safe Mode due to the reduced processes, but if you have noticed some serious lagging this may be improved by the faulty applications being restricted.

    Running your macOS in Safe Mode is normally used to troubleshoot glitches that you have noticed, such as lag, crashing, or spontaneous closures of applications. You should try to use your Mac as you normally do so that you can see if the issues have disappeared in Safe Mode or are still there.

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