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Glad to help and please reply with any questions , Dimitri. I made a mistake. I pulled my working hard drive that has two partitions one lion one snow leopard Out of my MacBook plugged it into another macbook to just test the computer itself. It booted fine in the other computer.

Either partition. I did do a new image of each partition to an external drive. What do you recommend? I do not want to loose all the info on the drive. I will be very happy and less broke if I can just yank out the drive from my old mbp, put it in a case, plug it in via USB, boot from it, and run my older software.

I had an issue with my Mac Pro recently. Was trying to do a clean install of Yosemite but got a message somewhere along the lines of this is not a supported install of the operating system. Thankfully my iMac had Yosemite installed on it. Went to the App Store and was able to download Yosemite which was installed on the external drive. So far everything is working, not sure what happened but now I am going to have a main boot drive along side an external boot drive. Even a Mac can have a bad hair day! I installed a new gb hard drive today and reinstalling mac OS X from an external drive.

The first time I got a circle with a diagonal line through it on the screen, after I saw the apple, and the spinner was spinning below the circle. What is the solution to get past this? Take your HD out and install it into a inclosure box.

How To EASILY Force Eject ANY Mac's SuperDrive/3rd party USB DVD Drive

Then connect it to your usb connector on your made and restart computer. If your computer starts and boots. Then its your HD wire. Need to replace it. I was getting a folder with a question mark so replaced my hd with a ssd hd. Any suggestions? Can i use an external hard drive to boot up my Macbook daily?

Does switching between the internal macintohs and the external hard drive back and forth faily damage my Macbook in any ways be it software or hardware?

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Really great work on his part. I also have some additions to what he shares coming soon. In the meantime leave a post with any questions. Any idea what i did wrong? I have the same issue as Laura. The bootcamp. Please can you help me? Remove that file, and try that command again without quotes. I created the bootcamp. What I am missing?? Same thing happened to me. After you select all files from the drop down menu, you will be able to select it. So I get all the way up to the installing from the virtual box part.

Tech Tip: How to Use Boot Camp on an External Drive | Other World Computing Blog

I was able to get it all set up with a combination of tips from comments and the guide. Anybody than can help? I am able to install the windows files onto the external HDD, however, when I try to boot from the drive after shutting VirtualBox down before Windows is able to restart , I get a blue screen of death every time Windows tries to load, which then makes my computer restart.

Not sure what is wrong?? Any ideas or help? I was having the same issue when attempting to install the October release of Windows 10 Home, but found I could successfully install the April release. Windows10 is successfully running through the VM but when I restart my computer and hold down options the only option I am given is to select the mac startup disk and my wifi network. Early thanks. I did everything listed here and everything worked fine. However when I restarted my macbook and went to the Startup, only my Mac drive showed up.

Has anyone else come upon the problem that the April 18 Windows 10 update will not install on an external drive? Thanks for the great step-by-step. I had to eject the external drive remain plugged in and eject and actually unplug the external drive a bunch of times until I was able create the virtual environment using the bootcamp. In other words, it took several of tries to make the bootcamp. From then on it was clear sailing. Hey Louie, Just wanted to know whether after installing W10 on your external drive you are still able to use it to store files in it like any other external drive.

You can but keep in mind you got the normal windows file structure Users, Windows, Programs etc. I suggest you to just start over from scratch. I had this problem as well when installing the October release of Windows 10 Home. So I have managed to get everything in the installation processes to work up until Windows Setup.

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  6. Does anyone know how to fix this? I also tried Windows 7 installer with the same problem — the drive stops responding. Are there additional steps that I will need to take to make this possible? I tried it, but unfortunately, whenever I try to start the virtual machine, I get the following error: Still, I get the same message every time.

    Hey Daniel, I got the same errors, make sure the external drive is still unmounted ejected when trying to run the virtual machine. Other than that, try restarting your machine and checking to see if there are any flags in the security settings that you need to allow. But, how do I fix it? I went through all the steps, regardless now I realize, I had done something possibly wrong. This is happening to me even though I have the support software on a USB stick. Would love to know what the problem is.

    Or you might have problems creating the bootcamp. Else you might get an access denied error. After starting the virtual drive, and in the Windows installation screen where you select the drive to install — DELETE the external hard disk as it was previously set to MBR if you followed the instructions. Then proceed with the installation. I removed the quotation mark from this line of code: Thanks to the comments for this tip also. When I restarted my mac with option pressed down my external drive showed up but when I entered I just got a black screen with a blinking underscore.

    I tried this but made no difference. Cannot create the raw disk VMDK: The raw disk vmdk file was not created. Go and delete it and start over. I made the installation with usb. Is it because the win10 disk is MBR? Could this installation be done with GPT disk? I removed all partitions on the external drive, created a new partition and after that it worked.

    And I would add, that you have to eject the WIN10 drive all the time.

    Using External DVD Drive with Boot Camp????

    Now I get this error… VBoxManage: Thank you for this great how to!! Somehow, I keep failing at this. I receive this error: Result Code: MediumWrap Interface: I just fixed this issue after a bit of tinkering. You need to assign your user ownership of the external disk.

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    After this make sure the external drive is unmounted from MacOS and you will be able to add it to the Virtual Machine. Joseph, I got the exact same error as you did when trying to open the bootcamp. So just go back to the Finder and eject the disk again. Is it possible to do this but partition the drive so I could assign part of its storage to windows 10 and part to storing things from my mac so MacOS? This is the error message I got: Last login: Sat Jul 21 One of the two will be used.

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    Highlight the volume you want to use by using your mouse or trackpad, or left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. Step 4: Double-click or press the Return key to boot your Mac from the selected volume. If there are several USB storage devices connected to your Mac, Startup Manager will only list the ones containing bootable volumes. Full tutorial: Now click the Startup Disk pane. You will be presented with various disk icons. Now click the Restart button to start up your Mac using the chosen volume. Should you run into problems whilst attempting to boot your Mac from an external storage device, consult our FAQ below to help troubleshoot any start up issues you may be plagued with.