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Forget those and you'll be digging through your Web browser history to find the pesky information. While everything was downloading, I made sure I had downloaded and installed both apps properly, VMware Fusion 1. Both offer fully functional day demo licenses, so you can try Ubuntu in both environments without paying a dime.

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I used fully licensed commercial versions of the two programs, but they're functionally identical. Once the virtual appliance files were downloaded, as shown in Figure 1, it was time to unpack them and double-click to see what would happen. Remember, Macs are the computers for the rest of us, so it really should be this easy if the vendors have done their work correctly. Figure 1. I encountered a glitch while unpacking VMware, as shown in Figure 2.


I optimistically clicked on Continue, but it didn't work. None of the files extracted were larger than a few dozen KB. And this time, it didn't use BitTorrent, so I watched it slowly download a MB image, just to find an archive file ending with. The Unarchiver claimed to deal with 7z archives, but rejected this as corrupted too.

Before I gave up though, I downloaded yet another app, 7zX, and after almost 20 minutes, it unpacked successfully. Figure 2.

How to Run Mac OS X in Virtualbox in Ubuntu

The first Ubuntu virtual appliance download for Fusion was corrupted, which is darn frustrating after waiting for a MB download to complete. Although the Parallels download comes in four parts, with cheery names like ubuntu The end result is ubuntu The end result is a folder called ubuntu that contains all the necessary files. You can see the files unpacking properly in Figure 3.

Running Mac-on-Linux as a normal user

Figure 3. It's always exciting to watch a progress bar. This one shows Parallels Desktop virtual appliance Ubuntu 7. Now it's time to double-click on the virtual appliance images and see what happens. In the case of Parallels, I clicked on ubuntu.

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I logged in, and it all looked great, but there was no network connection, which was solved by changing the network option in Parallels Desktop itself from bridged to shared networking NAT , then clicking network connection on the Ubuntu menu bar. A few seconds later, and you can see the results in Figure 5.

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Figure 5. With the VMware Fusion archive, it wasn't as obvious what needed to be double-clicked to get started, but Ubuntu It worked, as shown in Figure 6, but notice that the window was far bigger than the Fusion parent window. Additionally, VMware Fusion complained that the VMtools hadn't been installed, which was a surprise given that it's a download I found at the VMware site.

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Also, the account and password pair didn't work, because it was a different VA image from what I originally had planned. I guessed and lucked out: Figure 6. VMware Fusion running Ubuntu.

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By default, the Ubuntu virtual appliance had a ridiculously high resolution set, far bigger than the Fusion window itself. You can see that by how the login prompt isn't centered. Figure 7. Once tweaked, it worked perfectly in the virtualization environment. In the end, I did have a fully functional Ubuntu Linux running within each of the two virtualization environments—one was sufficiently fast that when I put it into full-screen mode on my 2. In fact, I was rather surprised by how snappy the operating system was within these environments, as I'd run Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista within the virtualization world and had found it functional, but not comparable to a real PC.

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Linux within the virtualization world, however, was quite pleasantly snappy and very usable. This leaves us the fundamental question with which we started, why?

Why and how to run Linux in macOS for free | CIO

If you have a logical reason to run a full Linux distro on your Mac for testing or experimentation, or to gain access to applications not otherwise available within the Mac OS X world, this is a satisfying path to travel. He runs a popular tech blog at www. You can reach him on-line at www. So far, the only difference that I noticed between the standard version and Lite is the lack of Coherence mode that allows me to run Linux and Windows applications inside of macOS. These are some of the core features that I use on Parallels, and there are many more that you can explore depending on your requirements:.

Parallels does a good job of allocating resources to the virtual machines. I even play games like Call of Duty in Parallels. Hardware access: Shared storage: Parallels allows sharing space for storage services. You can easily drag and drop files between macOS and Linux distributions. Want to Join? Swapnil Bhartiya. Current Job Listings. The short answer is that it just works. A virtual machine is ideal in such cases.