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So you can easily see the ports you need when you need them. Access your network over three-stream For all your other wireless connections, Mac Pro includes Bluetooth 4.

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Mac Pro looks unlike any other computer. Because it is unlike any other computer. By rethinking the architecture of its internal components, we had the chance to rethink the entire enclosure. And since everything centers around a unified thermal core, we were free to design a much leaner, lighter, quieter, and far more streamlined structure.

Its unique design and beautiful finishes are executed to an extraordinary degree of precision. And at just 9. With Mac Pro, we assemble the entire product and machine several of its high-precision components in the United States. By leveraging the innovative power of industry-leading companies in Texas, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, and over a dozen other states across America, we're able to build a product that's impeccably constructed and beautiful in every detail.

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In other words, exactly as it was envisioned by our designers and engineers in California. Scroll to continue. Up to PCIe bandwidth. Up to processing power. Up to. But I don't see myself buying a Mac Pro. Also, I can't wait until or whenever Apple does something with the Mac Pro.

I need a new machine now. By the time the Apple announcement event is over tomorrow, I will have made my decision. Here are the four scenarios that are in the running. The inch MacBook Pro , in either the i7 or i9 variety can do what I need. It also supports an external GPU and bigger monitor resolutions than my old iMac.

I don't really want another notebook. I'm not thrilled with the cooling management. It's very expensive. And there are no native ports other than USB-C.

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I really don't like running Ethernet through a dongle. The new MacBook Pro is a known quantity, and I could live with it.


But I don't really want to find a place to stash a notebook on my desk, and I'd be paying for a screen I'll rarely use. Add the price of an ultrawide or super-ultrawide monitor and an external GPU, and this becomes a brutally expensive option. We don't know if a new iMac is coming out, but there's a chance. The only way I'd consider a new iMac now is if the screen was an ultrawide.

If I had to buy an iMac and then add an ultrawide screen, I'd wind up having to find a way to manage the iMac's existing screen. Unfortunately, the iMac is far too heavy for traditional monitor arms, so it's very difficult to place the screen in the exact right position. My current iMac uses the Ergotron heavy-duty MX monitor stand and it's just too limited for comfortable use.

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Also, I'd expect the iMac in the configuration I need to be ghastly expensive. The one I bought in certainly was. If configured properly, a new Mac mini would be an ideal choice. Like I said before, I need at least 32GB of RAM, but it'd be great if the new Mac mini took a page from the pre models and allowed upgradeable memory.

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Mac minis have historically been Apple's least expensive Macs. There's no doubt I could build a machine with just about the specs I want, at an actually reasonable cost.

Waiting on Apple's new Macs: Four scenarios for my next computer

I just don't have the time for the futzing. One of the benefits of my Macs has been that they've pretty much always just worked. Once you move into the Hackintosh realm, you take a lot more responsibility for update management. That said, it's a real PC. It's upgradeable in all sorts of ways, so the limitation is really whether the Hackintosh community can keep up with Apple's changes to MacOS. Clearly, I haven't liked the existing choices. But it's not a great fit for my needs and I hate to spend that much money for something that's not a great fit.

The Hackintosh has been my fallback option, but it's time-consuming and potentially troublesome. I've even thought of just giving up and going back to Windows. I run Windows machines, but my workflow just takes so much longer on Windows. It's incredibly doubtful that I'd order another iMac.

The monolithic all-in-one computer paradigm of the iMac has always been inconvenient. I guess the honest answer is I'm hoping for a reasonably priced, yet powerful enough Mac mini. The Mac mini of which I have four has always been the most flexible machine for my needs. The machine itself may be of limited use these days, but a British designer has found a cool new use for the case …. Mac Pro Stories April 6, We did, though, learn two new things yesterday.

As part of doing a new Mac Pro — it is, by definition, a modular system — we will be doing a pro display as well. We can never know for sure when Apple will adopt a new generation of Intel CPU even when it is available, but we can make some educated guesses … expand full story. Opinion Mac Pro. Mac Pro. The machine itself may be of limited use these days, but a British designer has found a cool new use for the case … expand full story. admin