How to open password protected ppt on mac

Microsoft provides several options to protect PowerPoint presentation, such as "Mark as File" and "Encrypt with Password".

How to Open a Password-protected PowerPoint File without Password

The options can make presentation read-only and even lock PowerPoint document. When you face the problems about presentation locked or read-only, how to unlock password protected PowerPoint presentation? Follow introductions below please.

  • How to Unlock Password-Protected PowerPoint File without Password?
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  • How to Open a Password-protected PowerPoint File without Password?

Microsoft PowerPoint's Mark as Final feature could make your business presentations read-only and prevent accidental changes. If the presentation was read-only, it will now be editable, and if it was not protected before, the Mark as Final option is enabled and your presentation is read-only now.

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If you have no password to unlock password protected PowerPoint presentation , I think the easiest and most effective way is to use powerpoint password recovery software, such as PowerPoint Password Genius or Office Password Genius Professional for PowerPoint presentation. Now please see the animation about how it helps to unlock PowerPoint document locked with password.

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  2. How to Unlock Password-protected PowerPoint File without Password.
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  7. How to unlock PowerPoint document are shown in above animation. If you still need to edit, open the file and click "Edit Anyway". Related Products. Recovers passwords for protected Office PowerPoint files. Follow us on Twitter.

    How can I - Open password protected office 2007 file from PC in Mac Office 2016 on Mac?

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    Close it. PowerPoint is a powerful software program from Microsoft that is being used heavily in the offices to create presentations that can be displayed in the meetings and conferences.

    Opening password-protected PowerPoint presentations - Stefano Tommesani

    When we learned this software in childhood, we didn't know how important and how hugely popular this particular software is. If you are into office related work, you must have gotten many PowerPoint presentations explaining about some products or strategy. You must have noticed that many times you get "read only" presentations which restrict you to edit it.

    At times, you get a presentation from someone, but you want to make changes, and you come to know that is a read only file, then what you can do?

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    It is very simple! Yes, making a PPT file editable is just of seconds work.

    How to Unlock A Powerpoint Presentation without Password

    To make the file read only, creator uses the Mark as Final option. As long as you click on Mark as Final, the PPT will turn into a read only file which states that the presentation is final, and no need of editing.

    Moreover, if you want to edit the Presentation, then you just need to open the file and look at the top bar, you will see there "Edit Anyway. Click on Edit Anway, and you are done.

    The presentation is now editable. Isn't it a simple task? But what to do when the presentation is locked you can see in the third screenshot that there is a password option too with a password and you don't have the password to unlock it? Part 2:

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