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Mac OS X Lion - Free SVN plugin (SCToolbarButton)

Add comment. Enter with: Related alternatives. Know of any alternatives we haven't found yet? Leave closed. SO is for fixing code. SE is for finding software. Link is dead The new one is dead as well I can't replicate your issue. Subversion client releases for Windows and Macintosh Wiki - Subversion clients comparison table.

Ralph Willgoss Ralph Willgoss 7, 4 52 The link above no longer works.

Links I managed to dig out: Ziggy Ziggy 2 This is a very old and closed thread, and sometimes I think that everyone but me has switched to Git. But for what it's worth, I tried Versions and ran into some limitations that ended up costing me hours trying to re-synchronize with the repository.

Other icons work and Finder is at top of extensions list. Also particular file not indicated as locked using TortoiseSVN client 1. After committing I have almost everytime to kill the SVN Extension because it suddenly use all my processor.

Versions - Mac Subversion Client (SVN)

I have a macbook pro It is quite annoying. I have sometime to wait 1 minute before I can use the snail SVN extension on my finder. Do you have any idea of what is the issue? Hi, SnailSVN needs to refresh the file badges after committing. Nice app, just left a review I rarely do that. Any suggestions? I bought this app. I have a problem with difftool. My steps: A messagebox is appeared. I checked: The required dir net.

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DiffTool exists. I have read questions on this site, but I did not find an answer. Hello, this application is really great!. Nevertheless it seems to have an annoying bug. I tried to checkout either on case sensitive and case insensitive file systems and still have those errors.

Thank you very much. This app is really great!

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Would you have a hint for this? Website URL. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. SnailSVN Free. Leave a comment? Gabriele October 21, at 7: Looks like a nice application!

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Vikram December 4, at 8: Hi Vikram, The iCloud Drive folder is not an ordinary folder, since the iCould daemon is monitoring it and it seems that no other Finder plugins can get a higher priority. Thanks for the feedback! Chris January 20, at 9: When committing files in is there a way to select all files quickly Thanks. Greg January 22, at Andy Moyle March 21, at 8: Nam April 6, at 4: Gavin April 19, at 3: Hi Updating externals is very slow is there a way to speed this up?

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Gavin April 20, at 9: Zil May 2, at 4: Thanks July 20, at 2: This is awesom App!! You may also consider avoid using CJK characters in the file paths. Hi, Unicode path is supported now 1. Please, add support unicode for 1. X version Thanks a lot! Hi, please use 1. Nikone October 6, at 2: Rahul October 27, at 2: SnailSVN full version install to multiple mac or not.

Rahul October 28, at 5: Hi Rahul, You only need to purchase 1 licence. Rahul November 2, at 7: Hi, How can i ignore File or directory for commiting? Pav July 17, at 2: Max Fgh January 16, at When doing a checkout, need an option to set file timestamp with the file commit time. Peter January 17, at 7: Dave February 24, at Hall March 4, at 6: SnailSVN would like to access the following paths: RRR March 6, at 7: Slotomo March 14, at 1: Carlos March 20, at Carlos March 21, at SlowSnail March 21, at 8: MergeSnail March 21, at Developer March 23, at 5: Hi, It seems that commits will not proceed if file changes are more than a substantiate number of change.

Andreas Scholz March 29, at Please let me know if you need any more information. Thank you very much! Hairunizam Mohamed Salleh April 26, at 2: Himanshu Zalavadiya May 6, at Craig Jester June 12, at 2: To reset the SnailSVN preferences: admin