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Only cables that connect all wires can be used. Many cables omit power connections, and do not work with the PRS It will work with some, but not with others. I suspect the difference is the voltage. If the red LED lights up, it is charging. This CAN be used to charge the reader while reading books on it. This accepts PSP chargers. When charging by this connection, a small lightning bolt will show on the display, the battery will incorrectly show fully charged, and the red LED will be on. Headphone jack standard, 3.

SD Card, which the manual claims supports up to 2GB cards, while field reports claim capacities up to 4GB are supported. With firmware update, SDHC up to at least 8GB has been verified to work, but you must format the media with 64K clusters for reliable data access. Every connector is standard, and it works as you would expect on any generic device. That allows for over 10GB of storage in the reader. The internal memory is also available as a drive letter.

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Turning on audio will drain the battery quicker than if it is not used or left off. Leaving the PRS in standby mode which happens when you hit the power switch and never reading a single page, will drain the battery in less than a month. Calibre is a program that can be used to convert many of these formats. Manga2Ebook See: Use Calibre Option 4: FB2 Conversions Use fb2lrf See http: Option 2: Option 3: Use zinepal.

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Use BBeB Binder. It converts HTML and text to lrf. You can interactively modify the HTML before converting to lrf: The PRS's screen measures x pixels in Landscape mode. Conversions to LRF Program 1: Sony's Software, included with the PRS Program 3: MakeLRF See: Use a point font. Conversions to RTF 1. Open the file in a word processing program. Set the font between 16 and 18 point. The PRS will ignore in-line images.

Save the file as a RTF document.

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Use an OCR cradle to take photos of each page. Grey scale JPGs are ideal. Load the photos onto a memory card, and use the image viewer to read the book. Zoom in to L magnification, and use landscape mode.

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The downside is that navigation between pages is very slow. You also have the option with some books to OCR the pages, but that takes a lot more time doesn't always work. Think of OCRing a math book.

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The PRS will not turn on Try charging it first, especially if this is the first time it has been used. Unplug it from the USB connection, and turn it on. The PRS is not responding, or is very slow The PRS can take several seconds to respond to button pushes. Wait for a minute. If the reader is reading a memory card, it will show spinning arrows in the center of the display. It can take several minutes to read the contents of a memory card. If the reader is not reading a card, and repeated button pushes still get no response, try resetting the Reader through the reset hole on the back.

The battery life is very short — not even one day The audio player will drain the battery this quickly. Either recharge often, or turn off the audio player. For generating an optimized PDF out of a. EPUB provided you have the Calibre tools installed:.

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  8. The Tao of Mac. See Also: Kindle 2 Preview. Sony cuts e-reader prices: Sony Reader Daily Edition reviewed: Sony Reader Daily Edition starts shipping, gets more newspapers. Nice of them. Sony Reader Pocket Edition available now. Sony eBook Library now available for Mac, Windows. The desktop software is not nearly as impressive as Calibre , and buggy.