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Yes Rotation: Supported Television: May 24, Why not try it at x, or lower the settings. I turned off anti-alias, turned shadows, clutter, and physics to LOW. Before adjusting the settings I was getting around 15 FPS.

Metal replaces OpenGL

I'm going to try x to see how that looks. Otherwise I can live with the 20 FPS.

Why macOS Mojave requires Metal -- and deprecates OpenGL - macOS Discussions on AppleInsider Forums

So I tried x which gave a significant increase in FPS. The graphics are not nearly as crisp, but still looks ok. I upped some of the other settings and I'm at 30 FPS when in town. HIGH Shadows: ON Plan to try this for a while. The achilles heel is the VRAM on your card. You should have MB for p and 1GB for p. A drop in resolution seems to be your best bet.

Using vesa instead of radeon on Mac Mini 2011 i5 with AMD Radeon HD 6630M

Seems someone else has tried this with positive results. May 25, I've got the exact same Mac and I run at mostly medium settings with good fps at x Only problem with mine is I get gameplay lag like I'm on a dial-up connection, even in single player. Thanks everyone.

This helped quite a bit.

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I am a bit disappointed that a top end Mini can't play higher on the graphics side of things. But, the game is a blast either way. I'm getting FPS. With my TV it all looks quite nice even with the low settings.

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Ultimately this is what i went with: A gray screen with a black X in the middle is all you should get from Xorg -config xorg. Try moving that xorg. If you haven't configured any other window manager, twm should start up in X. As for using the intel GPU That's beyond me. I do not know if that alone would be enough to 'activate' the GPU.

For some reason "If a black and grey grid and an X mouse cursor appear, the configuration was successful. Thank you for clarifying.

AMD Bootcamp Adrenalin Driver Installation Instructions

So far VESA is plenty fast. I will continue installation and come back should I encounter a road block.

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I also haven't seen anyone being able to use it in Mac OSX. Maximini P. Am impressed to see such rapid replies!

2011 Mac mini GPU failed (Radeon 6630M) - repair options?

Following up on this as I have progressed the installation, it seems the highest resolution I can achieve with VESA is x on my monitor that is capable of at most x Is this a VESA limitation? If not, how can I configure the system to reach x? Thank you, MaxiMini. It is a vesa limitation and, yes, radeon KMS should let you run at your monitors native resolution. Short of porting radeon KMS over yourself from linux, I don't think you will be able to get x You must log in or register to reply here.

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