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  1. ‎XWord Free - Fantastic Word Processor on the Mac App Store.
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  4. Free Word Processing and Text Editing Options for Macs and iOS.
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Best free Office suite for OS X? - Apple Community

User profile for user: Little Endian Little Endian. What is the best free Office-style software for Mac OS I appreciate all recommendations. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Csound1 Csound1. It is not clear to me whether you can install TextMaker separately from the office suite it comes with, however. I didn't want to bother checking, frankly, but I'd be surprised if you couldn't specify that you didn't want the other two office apps.

Those searching for an WordPad replacement should try TextMaker out. I also wanted something that would start quickly but have all of the essential features of normal text editing. It's vastly superior to WordPad, if only because it has autosave. I went searching for a Wordpad replacement when I lost an hour's work when Wordpad crashed. Even if TextMaker crashes, which is rare, it saves even your unnamed documents and tries to restore them.


The program may be more than some people need, in that it has tables, change tracking, spell-check, and so on. But for my needs, it blows away the apps listed here. Aesthetics matter to me, also, and I like the clean, attractive interface of TextMaker, as well. Jarte needs a serious overhaul in terms of both aesthetics and usability. I still find it amusing that Jarte uses an icon of a greek temple to represent the idea of "reference bar". Wasted screen real estate in TextMaker is close to zero. Another downside of TextMaker, though, is that it appears the latest version is Textmaker , so updates are rare.

Apparently, people are still working on it, but rare updates are a downside. But, pleasantly, I can honestly say that's about the only downside I've experienced with it. Still, to some extent, the right word processor is subjective. Hope you find the right one for you. Check this out. No margin adjustment while typing. But, when you exit preview, the margin settings aren't imposed on the writing page.

Best Free Office Suites 2017-2018

Has no toolbar icons for bold, italic, underline. But the 1 page help file lists hot keys for those same ones as in Windows, or Tbird. Thunderbird has more than these 2 apps. Without spell check in any processor , not much reason to leave Wordpad, if they don't have some extra goodies.

I'm not so sure you're going to find a program that will fit your needs. Adding features makes the program bigger, and since size is an issue for you, so will the available features. If you do find something though, be sure to post here so the editor can take a look. Good luck. I created a resume in Wordpad but it does not always hold column alignment especially when printing. I need to know that when I send a resume to an employer and they display it or print it,the character alignment will be held.

I do not need a lot of bells and whistles just basic functions. Thanks for any recommendations. Wordpad simply isn't capable of doing anything as critical as a Resume reliably, at least in my opinion. Essentially it's little more than a glorified Text Editor an advanced NotePad. Your best bet would be to download and install LibreOffice or OpenOffice and use the Writer app from it. It will hold it's formatting much better. Abiword would be my next choice. That way you can see how the printed page will look in Print Preview before you print. If you have one printer as the Default, then select a different printer at the print process there is a good chance that the formatting of the document will change.

This holds true with ANY word processor that you use, although some are worse than others. Depending on how close the different printers are internally, the differences can be minimal or can be quite severe. And it isn't a matter of a lot of bells and whistles. It's a matter of quality of the product. Think of it this way.

You may not need to ability to create complex tables, numbered lists, equations, or many of the other capabilities of an actual work processor, but you do need something that is capable of consistent formatting, something that LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or AbiWord are much better suited for than WordPad. So thanks to you I downloaded and installed WordGraph I have not seen this feature in other applications.

I find this to be very helpful as I don't have to jump around from my document to the print preview to get my formatting right. On their website I found a portable word processor called QT Writer, not as fully featured as WordGraph, but I think it could be very useful as a portable app.

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Best Free Word Processor

Skip to main content. Oops, it looks like you are using an ad blocker. We work hard to provide you our software news and we keep our ads non-intrusive. Please support us keeping our content free by disabling your ad blocker. Windows Desktop Version reviewed: Clean fresh looks, task oriented, various layouts. No grammar checking.

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Free Limited features Clean fresh looks, task oriented, various layouts. Familiar user interface, basic word editing features plus PDF editing capabilities. Some advanced editing features not included. Free Familiar user interface, basic word editing features plus PDF editing capabilities. Advanced features, additional command buttons, tile docs, custom ruler. Hard to setup help file, help insufficient, updates cumbersome.

Free Advanced features, additional command buttons, tile docs, custom ruler. Linux Windows Desktop Version reviewed: Custom ruler, Extra toolbar with cool buttons, cross platform. Help section is lacking, outdated look and feel. Free Open source Custom ruler, Extra toolbar with cool buttons, cross platform. Personally, if all i need is to enter and edit text, i use EditPad Lite. So, except for Jarte for quick notes Writer is it for me. Only problem with it is it won't do an auto update - seems to require a full install. Googling around is getting me too many opinions, too many options, and too much old information I don't care what Lifehacker thought the best wp apps for Mac were in People seem to be mad that Pages has lost some features and gotten too focused on incorporating images.

Will I be annoyed with feature bloat if all I want to do is bang out a to-do list with certain things in red? LibreOffiice or OpenOffice? My last experience with OpenOffice pre-Apache-buyout had some of the same frustrations I'm currently having with Word for Mac - if I didn't use it for a couple of months there was an enormous pile of bug fixes and security updates waiting for me, so I'm a little leery here.

Many of the lightweight word processor apps like the ones on this list seem to have compatibility issues with docx files, but maybe my Google-fu is failing today. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance, everyone. Every single major application that you begin to use in will have big bundles of updates that will need to be installed sporadically. This isn't the '80s or '90s, where you would purchase an application on disk, perhaps get a service pack at some point, and use it for a decade.

It's not limited to word processors, it's So, try LibreOffice first. If it suits your needs, it's free! However, I've had some issues, historically, with formatting from complex. I would watch out for Pages. Every single time there's an update, there are throngs of people complaining about how Apple has removed functionality, and I've seen much of that myself.

In addition, while Pages may be able to load and export Word documents, Pages documents themselves are an island that can only be opened in Pages. Never expect a commitment to interoperability from Apple. Word has worked extremely well for me on the Mac - I've been running it since the previews, and it's always been faster and more stable than Word for me.

I'm not sure what's up with all the low reviews on Amazon, because my experience has been solid. It is, obviously, the gold standard, but as you know, gold is expensive. If formatting isn't a big deal - if you're just writing, and need to open that up in other places without an eye to formatting - there are a tremendous number of options from old-school apps like BBEdit or TextMate and TextWrangler to newer apps like Brackets. These are much lighter - but, again, you'd only be getting the text, not the ability to pass full formatting back and forth with Word on a PC. If you're only using the very, very basics of Word then there's no point downloading a local application if you don't want to use Word in the first place.

Microsoft OneDrive has a stripped-down version of Word available for free online. Google Docs is also pretty useful. I use it every day for work. The only caveat with cloud-based services is privacy: I have been teaching as a sessional at a college in Canada and we're not allowed to use cloud-based services such as OneDrive or Google Drive, when data is stored in the US as it almost certainly is.

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