Sms messages not sending on mac

I had this same problem a few years ago, lasting for nearly a year. Apple support tried to help me for several hours, but to no avail. Then, one day, Messages magically started working again. It worked for many months, and then stopped working once more. Your email address will not be published.

How to News Not working? Tips and Tricks Guides. You are here: Comments The Keychain one fixed it, but I have no idea what I actually did in doing that—could someone explain? Any other ideas? For whatever damn reason, the key chain thing also worked for me. God damnit, Apple. Apple could and should have been smarter about this, insisting that a registered iMessage number-holding device check in with iMessage at regular intervals, so when the registered device goes out of range, so does iMessage delivery for that number.

My boyfriend purchased a phone at Walmart and got a prepaid plan to go with it. The only way I can text him is if I turn iMessage off completely. Any clue? I appreciate your answer to my problem. It not only helped me solve the problem it helped me understand how the variables work. I am over 60 and all my devices are Apple but I still need simple easy to understand steps in lay terms. Can send texts to others, just not this particular person.

Very frustrating. This morning the other people that I was able to text….. I thank everybody for trying to help me. Have trouble sending texts to android users. I have a iPhone 7 plus. Reset network plus delete and rewrite message — finally, it worked. Thank you for sharing info! Tried all these suggestions. Only 1 solution works for us. Disable iMessage. Now SMS works as normal. And watch out this Apple send to turn iMessage on when updating phone. Sneaky buggers. How do I turn iMessage off? And if it is off, how can I send text messages?

Thanks so much for helping!! My problem is strange.. Reset all settings. Even reset factory settings… still the problem continues… and its more frustrating when i try the same thing from my friends phon and his phon works properly in this matter. By deleting the previous messages and recreating new messages, it fixed my problem of not being able to send messages using an international SIM.

Why is my iPhone not sending text messages? Here’s why, and the fix

Thanks for the help! You can usually find an answer there; lots of power users and regular users as well as helpful employees. Very cool websites!

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Having trouble finding a clear answer at support. The 1 person in my group can only receive SMS. Like to clarify some information that some people are mentioning but apparently are not paying attention to. First off, whether your color blind or not in terms of blue or green in the messages; you can still know whether it is a imessage or text message based on what the text box shows the box on the bottom where you type the message. Also, imessage is done with wifi usage while text is done with cellular data. I had this problem for months SMS nor sending reiceving ok Apple and EE could not help tried everything new device changed number still no iMessage activation.

Got new sim and worked straight away. Was talking sim out when pawning phone and using in a cheap model must of damaged it but it works now so relieved. I kelt getting not delivered when trying to send text messsge. I double tap my home button, then cleared all running apps. Went back to the text and it was already sent my closing down all background apps.

Any suggestions? Thank you. Text messages via SMS are sent as data and requires that cellular data must be turned on when not using iMessage. I encountered this issue recently when sending a text message to an Android phone. My usual green-iMessage texts are sent via wifi and go through without any problem, but when I see the blue box I now know to turn on cellular data. I was having issues only with SMS green. Found this post on Google and resetting network settings fixed my issues.

In my case. Deleting the recipient and start a new conversation worked. So I suggest try to delete the person in your text message recipient list first then the rest of the solutions. Big big Thank you to Peter Hartnall. Been months trawling for the answer and you have cut out all the complete cat d stuff and made it so simple!!

why sms messages not sending? - Apple Community

Turned it on, it works. None of these fixes worked for me. I can text some people fine, but others I cannot send texts or iMessages at all to. Also, my wife has the same phone and does not have these problems. Could it be my cell phone provider? I was reading this article has my wife was having problems texting. Turns out no credit on phone. Worth putting that on the things to check on phone if texting on SMS.

I message is free but you pay for SMS. Put your phone in airplane mode, then turn airplane mode off, and try re-sending. I tried everything in this article with nothing working, then this one did! My iPhone would not send a message to two recipients who both have iPhones, despite trying again many times with 5 bars on the phone and then with a wifi connection.

I tried several fixes suggested above turning the phone on and off, putting it into airplane mode and out, and a few others and had no luck. I have had trouble sending group messages with the iPhone before so it seemed that was the problem, rather than a bad phone connection or phones off. Please help me in this problem. This sucks.

You are forced to have iMessages enable. Hope Ive steps down from software design. As someone wrote here earlier, try sending problematic messages with the subject line blank.

Having been plagued with occasional undelivered messages on my iPhones for years this tip has been a godsend. Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!! I was having trouble getting my brand new iPhone 8 to send texts, the SMS was turned off for some reason and the second I did it, everything went through.

Send texts using Messages on Mac

First, make sure your carrrier has not blocked SMS text on your phone account accidently. I have a new 8 Plus and my spouse has a new 8. He could receive and send SMS text on his new phone. I could not. I tried all of the suggestions here, including resetting network. So I took my iphone back where I bought it. The rep could not find a solution. He called Verizon Wireless, my carrier, to get warranty activated, and Verizon found that they had blocked SMS text on my phone account in error. Problem solved!

Of course they had no idea how that happened. I have tried all of these solutions to no avail. I have an iPhone 7 and am able to send and receive texts to everyone, but one person. Text exchange both ways worked fine until last night and all of a sudden, all of my outgoing texts to this person cannot be delivered, though I can receive texts from him. He has an Android, but I am able to send and receive to other Android users. Any help would be appreciated.

This is extremely frustrating as it happened all of a sudden. They can text me but I cannot text back. This has happened once before and my phone needed an update and it worked!! I upgraded to an iPhone 10xs in November. In mid-December, the issues started. I could not send or receive texts from Android phones.

I was communicating with these phones before. I still cannot communicate with Android phones. Oh how common apple wont let you text over WiFi …. I've posted a query to the growing thread about this issue on the Apple support forums asking if anyone else had been asked to do a password reset, then found the problem fixed. I've also asked Apple about whether the reset prompt was generated by support to facilitate a fix. If I hear back, I'll update this post again. Dwight Silverman is the technology editor for the Houston Chronicle and the grillmaster for the TechBurger tech news site.

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