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The cursor disappears regardless of the number of applications open i. Sometimes it finally reappears in Safari after a few switches back and forth. I just got it on a single monitor with more than 9 gigs of unused memory. It goes away easily enough but is very annoying. Plenty of RAM left over, happens on both my 2 monitor set up and work and just using the display on my MacBook Pro retina. Hi there, had the problem myself and still have However I discovered that when I have configured interactive corners on my screen and move into a interactive corner when my mouse disappears, it reappears most of the time by doing so, so no need to restart or other things to click and reset or restart, hope this will be useful to many of you………..

Another way to fix the issue is by moving your mouse cursor to the top left corner and click the apple logo and i will come back up. I have found that if you can invisibly get the cursor up to the very top of the page near the main bar it will reappear. I am using Firefox and Yosemite I have found that pressing down on the mouse when the cursor is missing and moving it a bit will show you where it is. It makes a highlight line or whatever you call that. Once you know where it is drag it to the dock and the cursor will appear. For me it was KODI somehow blocking visibility.

The cursor was visible in Kodi, but vanished after 2 secs in all apps incl. Quitting Preview brought it back. I never experienced the problem until I installed Mavericks. Now it happens routinely. Most often in Lightroom 5, with which I use dual monitors. But it has also occurred in Safari with multiple windows open.

I have not found a solution. So far I have navigated blind usually saving work and shortly the pointer returns. No consistent reason observed yet as to what brings it back. In the mean-time, an app called Moom helps significantly. Although its main purpose is to move the pointer using the keyboard, it also has the ability to map a keyboard shortcut to show the pointer. In so-doing, it also makes the invisible Pointer visible again!

Whenever I find myself jerking the mouse around trying to get it to appear, a simple Ctrl-Enter displays it. Sorry for being thick! How do you do that, please? Thanks for the tip. My mouse disappears quite frequently even in Mavericks and your tips work to get it visible again. Also with Mavericks I am unable to scroll in mail with the magic mouse. Hope Apple fixes this soon. Would be nice if it where fixed.

In terms of cause, It seems to happen the most to me in relation to video playing in web browsers. I never had this problem before I bought a new computer with Mavericks installed. Been using a Mac for 25 years plus, never encountered it before. Thanks Apple! You know about this — how about fixing it!!! This is not what I expect from Apple. Steve must be turning in his grave…. We recently replaced a worn out wireless Magic Mouse with a wired one and started having this problem.

Called the Apple repair shop who sold us the new mouse and he suggested we replace our colorful mousepad with a solid color one. Problem gone. My Macbook Pro is running A couple of months ago it happened once every couple of weeks — now it is daily or several times a day. Mostly happens to me when using Firefox. This has been going on for over a year, well before Mavericks.

Happens to me constantly- more frequently when I am streaming something or there is a form of Flash running- it seems to be an error that occurs while running 3rd party apps or plugins. The Mac OS has just fallen apart due to whatever background processes run now. I have things complete fail to respond and then take me back to login- a lovely way to gain access and implement changes. I wish they would at least provide a sense of false confidence!

It will appear. This works every time for me. As soon as you begin to scroll up again, it should appear. I was hoping things would change in Mavericks, but I believe it goes invisible more. I am having the same problems. This is really frustrating! Thank you that worked the first one … love the internet with all the friendly helpful people….

Thanks Jarik, even with no hot corners configured, opening Mission Control even if you close it right away seems to restore the missing cursor. By accident I discovered that if I do a three-finger swipe to the right on my Trackpad so that I get the Widgets screen , wait seconds, then do a three-finger swipe to the left to get back to the Finder, the cursor suddenly reappears! A missing cursor is mainly due to a lack of feedback code to maintain critical systems… its location or importance in the code needs to be elevated to the same level of memory allocation as things like the playback buttons.

For example if there are 10 levels of memory allocation within a computer. No mouse required! The faster solution so far for me is just to move the mouse to the top left corner and shake it if is neccesary, then the pointer is back. Not rare — existed in Mavericks since upgrading and exists in Yosemite. I can hit command tab and back to get the cursor back.

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But very annoying. Similar problem is losing window focus while in the middle of typing. I keep thinking i hit a key combo, but I think it may be a related bug. Every solution listed above has a common denominator that most people seem to be overlooking. The tricks above, the moving to hot corners and moving to the dock all require that the OS interact with the cursor. Notice that clicking in the application and sometimes Finder does not bring back the visibility of the cursor. But clicking on an OS menu will. Invoking a menu click always bring my cursor back. And I agree with Sandi — rare my butt!

I am running two 50 inch 4k monitors on my MacPro and that cursor is hard enough to find even when it is working! This happens way too often. Hoping Yosemite will fix it finally. If you click off the app giving you issues it should reappear, I usually click on Safari and then back to PS and the cursor is there. I have this issue every time I open it. I recently switched to Mac Thank God and encountered this issue.. I mostly work on Chrome, so till now that where i have experienced this, but i am sure it would be happening for other third-party apps and softwares too.

My workaround is to enable temporary zoom. I have Yosemite and have tried every workaround. Nothing works. Had the same problem with Mountain Lion and Mavericks. I was a diehard Safari user until I met Yosemite. If Apple spent half as much time on functionality as on appearance, it would make awesome products. This happens to me in Firefox all the time, so I have a hot key that will get me to my desktop screen, I click the cursor, and then I return to whatever I was doing. I upgraded because i finally tired of all the glitchy crash causing bugs that my iMac had developed.

Seriously considering taking this MBP back and exchanging it for one of those, now. Would never have happened when SJ was alive and in charge. Apple has really lost its way since he left this earth! To use a Mouse on your Mac connect it with a USB cable and move it around on a desk to see hte cursor appear on your screen. My solution has always been to click directly on the desktop and drag, as if you were to be selecting a group of icons then release. Cursor always reappears immediately after that. Perfect pain.

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Occasionally it sorts itself once I quit from Safari. Mostly I end up shutting down and restarting. OS X I have had this issue for a while now and never really looked into it because i thought it was just my computer. All the answers to fix it seem very complicated, but i found out if i quickly drag it down to the dock and then quickly drag it back up, it reappears. This can happen many times in a day for me. I have many applications open and multiple monitors. All I have to do is click somewhere else and then the cursor returns.

For example, the disappears most often inside a Java application. If I move the cursor outside of the Java application it re-appears. I have to move out of the application and then click. My husband and brother-in-law experience it frequently on their MacBooks same model and same OS.

I do use Safari and Chrome. Same problem here since moving to Yosemite from Mavericks. I have Mouse Locator installed and it will pop up showing me about where the cursor is, but with no actual cursor in the middle. The tips here at least give me a few more scientific tricks to get it back. Very annoying. It bothers me that the resize cursor rarely appears when the mouse is at a window edge.

Also, the hand cursor rarely appears to identify links in a browser. Same problem here since moving to Yosemite from Mavericks last week. The trick I found to recover is to go to the dashboard. Either do — or just bang around with the invisible mouse until the dashboard shows up. The mousepad also tends to be less responsive this way.

This makes me wonder: I too have a completely updated Mac, running Yosemite, 8G ram, and the mouse still disappears on one of my two dual monitors occasionally. So, anyone who thinks any of the new updates have fixed this is unfortunately wrong. Just wait long enough, and it will happen again. Why Apple takes soooooooo long to fix what seems to be a simple bug is baffling.

cursor disappears after Mojave upgrade - Apple Community

There is no explanation for why the cursor disappears other than a bug, and Apple software quality has declined dramatically particularly on the Mac so this is not surprising to see something so small go unfixed for years. OS X Yosemite is basically still in beta. I love all the tricks and shortcuts listed here- but this is insane! Why do I need a shortcut to find my mouse cursor?! I quit VLC video player and then tried the cursor size trick and it worked. So for me at least the problem seems tied to VLC, or at least apps that make the cursor disappear.

April 9th 7: Cursor disappeared!

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With nothing showing any sluggishness. It also does this on my 21 inch mac. And yes I tend to run a gazillion tabs…my bad. I just had a couple of times where this was a problem. Have had it in the past, always with an open FireFox session. The first time I was able to get the cursor to reappear by closing a couple of applications cmd-Tab; cmd-Q. The second time I got the cursor to reappear with left-click. That will now be my first option, if it recurs.

I have the problem regularly on Yosemite with an iMac 5k. In fact it seems to happen when the cursor has to change wait ball or else and back to normal, but instead of changing, it disappears. As I use two monitors, a simple clic in the second monitor, but on another application than the current one, brings it back. Really annoying. Hope it helps. The mouse disappearing still regularly happens on OSX. Not one of these ideas worked for me. Decided to close my laptop and walk away. Came back and mouse returned miraculously!

I am on an older system, Macbook Pro 8gig ram, and have always had this problem.

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Always while using Firefox The cursor disappeared on my old MacBook Pro with an extra screen. I closed a bunch of open tabs in Firefox and my cursor reappeared without even having to close or restart anything. This bug continues unabashedly in El Capitan. I usually invoke a four finger swipe up or down to get the cursor back in a snap.

Resolving the Mystery of a Disappearing Mouse Cursor in Mac OS X

However, this bug has been following me at least since Yosemite perhaps even Mavericks. Move your cursor into the very upper left corner of the screen and click. The Apple menu dropdown should appear along with your mouse. I do this regularly on a handful of different Macs and Macbooks as it happens to me daily, especially while using Synergy.

Using Chrome instead of Safari seems to do the trick. Yes this is my experience too, that Flash triggers it. It happens all the time in El Capitan I do not think Apple has the brain power to fix this problem. It has nothing obvious to do with memory or screens as it happens either way. It does seem related to plug-in active in web browsers esp. Flash in Safari , but it also happens when just happened now while writing here using Apple Remote Desktop and changing between remote computer and your own. Easiest way to get the cursor back is like always to go up to the top of the screen and click one of the menus there.

Very, very anoying bug … for years now. If you've done the Mojave upgrade and gotten the same result I have I suspect YMMV that Apple isn't going to fix it and may not consider it a bug in the OS, but maybe only a side effect of the update process and given that not many people seem to be affected you may not get a resolution by waiting. Dec 28, 9: I am having the same "disappearing cursor" problem as described in this discussion.

I upgraded to Mojave about a week ago. I am using a inch MacBook Pro early Dec 31, 9: This just happened to us as well. My husband performed the Mojave update which I did not want him to do and immediately we had issues with the cursor. It comes and goes.

We won't be able to type in the Google search box one minute, then we can. It's very frustrating when you can't get your work done. I'm going to try some of the suggestions on this thread and hope they work! Hopefully, Apple is looking into this issue because more and more people will start to report this problem.

It should be fixed. Jan 1, 8: Jan 2, I did the reset four days ago, and the cursor has not become invisible since the reset. Jan 17, 9: Yes, this is super annoying and lately pervasive. It disappears every time I switch screens or displays. I have to click on the menu bar to get it to come back multiple times per minute. I'll quit all apps and restart just now, but it is a software problem and not malware.

Apple, please fix! Jan 20, 3: Feb 15, 7: The pointer is invisible, but some movements and button operations still work. Move the mouse or your finger as if you were taking the pointer from somewhere on the screen to the upper left corner of your screen. Then click the left button or single click on the trackpad. This will drop down the Apple menu, and the cursor will appear in the top left corner. Now press on the Power button and then press the these buttons on your keyboard: Step 3: Next, hold those keys down until your Mac reboots back up again.

Choose your Apple Menu and then click Shut Down. Hold these keys and Power button for 10 seconds. Finally, press on your Power button to turn on your Mac back. Then remove the battery.

Mac OS X Lion - Mouse cursor disappears

More details below. If you did manage to remove your battery, then great work! Now press and hold down your Power button for 5 seconds. Step 5: Finally, just press on your Power button again to turn on your Mac back on again. If you have an iMac Pro, then skip to the next part. Jump into your Apple Menu and then click on Shut Down. Wait for 5 seconds, then press on the Power button again to turn your Mac back on. Jump into your Apple Menu and click on Shut Down. Once after your iMac Pro shuts down, press and hold down on the Power button for 8 seconds. Next, release the Power button and then wait for a few seconds seconds.

Finally, just press the Power button once again to turn your iMac Pro back on. You can check if there any new software updates that you need to download which can help patch some holes up such as this disappearing cursor act. admin