Mac mysql terminal commands not found

There are a number of things to check.

How to Install and Configure MySQL Server on macOS Mac OS X

Additionally OSX is notorious for changing the location of mysql. Hophat Abc Hophat Abc 3, 3 12 This means that the mysql socket is misplaced, which is a very different error.

How to start/stop/restart MySQL via terminal commands?

Do what the other answer said: Remove this pid file, make sure all the instances are stopped kill any processes not going down , check nothing is listening the MySQL port netstat should help and try to start MySQL again. SreerajS SreerajS 3 8.

This worked for me, on Mac OS You have to set PATH for mysql in your. I have tried a lot of the suggestions on SO but this is the one that actually worked for me: I haven't used the new Mac version, my mac died: Now, in the terminal start and stop the mysql server using the following commands: KayV KayV 3, 2 24 If you are using terminal you will want to add the following to. Jon Gear Jon Gear 5 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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These steps were tested with MySQL server version 5. Please download and install version 5. If for some reason the installer is no longer available on the MySQL web site you can download it from here.

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Click on it to open the MySQL server preferences. Now comes the tricky part. By default MySQL server installs without password and does not restrict access to the information on it. For the next part you need to open the Terminal app.

How to install MySQL server on Mac OS X

In the Terminal screen, type these commands and press Enter after each one of them:. This command will ask for your computer password. Press Enter when finished. This will start a script which will ask you several questions and then reconfigure MySQL. Select Y and press Enter. Re-enter the password and press Enter again. Here you have to decide. If you have more than one computer that will be using this data then answer n. If this information will be accessed only from this computer then select Y.

I need help to solve the issue of /tmp/mysql.sock'

In all cases this can later be changed by using the same commands. This will make the changes you did effective now. The first step is to download MySQL server. admin