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Whateve the problem is also affects syncing my iPhone photos will not sync: Posted on Sep 14, Page content loaded. Sep 16, 8: I'm having the same problem with disappearing contacts, and I'm looking for instructions for restoring Address Book contacts from Time Machine.

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But I'm curious whether you might have recently updated Office for Mac v If so, that's probably what caused your contacts to disappear. If you have Outlook for Mac on your machine - you might want to check there to see if it has all of your contacts. Sep 17, 5: I don't have Outlook and my version is Everything has been fine until now.

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My address book will not import from my Yahoo contacts or my phone when I sync, and I cannot reininstall my backup or add a new contact. My app syncing page is also frozen when I try to sync. Have to investigate further.

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Sep 17, Reinstalling the Address Book application won't fix the problem. You have a corrupt file in your home folder somewhere that is causing this.

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You need to find it and delete it. Possible culprits are:. A good strategy is to move the items out one by one, and then relaunch Address Book, and see if the problem persists.

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If so, put the item back, and repeat the process until you have found the bad file. Several options exist for disabling contacts -- remove Facebook contact completely, delete the link only and keep your contacts, or remove the Facebook integration with your Mac. Uncheck the "Enable This Account" box to remove only the profile links from your Contacts book while keeping the contact information intact.

Click the "-" button to remove the Facebook account from your Contacts book entirely and delete all your Facebook contacts.

How to Merge and Remove Duplicate Contacts in macOS and iCloud

Contacts entered through other means won't be affected. Click the "-" button to remove the Facebook integration. If you want to delete only the contacts and associated profile links, uncheck the "Contacts" box and select "Delete From Mac.

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