Mac os x classic environment download

If you have a Mac capable of running Classic i. Doing so is a surprisingly daunting task, but there are several options for doing so.


The first thing to do is determine what type of Mac OS 9 installation disc you are using. First, if you have a bootable Mac OS 9 Software Restore CD, Apple recommends that you erase your hard drive and start with a clean install to perform the multi-disc restore as described in Knowledge Base article However, if you don't need to boot Mac OS 9 but only need to run the Classic environment, you can work around having to do a clean install via the following process:.

If you have a standalone Mac OS 9 retail CD, you can try the same steps listed for the restoration disc, though you may run into issues depending on how new your Mac model is. Mac OS X In that case, you will need to perform an erase and install of Mac OS X Otherwise, you can clone your drive to an external volume using a utility like SuperDuper , then erase your normal startup drive, install Mac OS 9 disk drivers on it, then copy that data from the cloned drive back.

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Classic Mac environment on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Let the package installer run through the file extracting process. After the package installer completes you may get an message that says " There were errors installing the software.

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Please try installing again. Step 3: Enable and login to the Mac OS X root user. If it asks you set a password for root just set any password that you can remember.