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The icons at the top will highlight the differences between the duplicates, such as location or date modified. If you think you have too many files in your Home folder and want to focus on pictures, try scanning just the Photos app. The Pictures folder contains your Photos library, so this should help you remove all the duplicate photos you have in there. See, Gemini distinguishes between exact duplicate photos, which are several instances of the same image, and similars — photos that have different editing or were shot at slightly different angles.

For instance, here are two pictures with and without editing, in the same folder. Gemini will find them for you and mark as similar. Or here are three pictures that were taken a second apart. To see all the similar photos the app has found, look right next to the duplicates in your left-hand menu. Go through similar shots just like you did with exact duplicate pictures, selecting those you want to delete. Dealing with similars is pretty rewarding in terms of disk space, they usually take up even more than duplicates.

However, here are a few helpful tips on removing duplicates in Photos for Mac:. We all know that euphoric state in which you return home with an SD-card full of new pictures. Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. Apple obsessed. Unclutter your photo library on Mac. Gemini 2: A good duplicate photo finder Mac should support the Photos iPhoto app and remove duplicates from its library.

How to delete duplicate photos on Mac with ease and efficiency? The best solution is to use a professional duplicate photo finder for Mac. According to the criteria, we find the best duplicate photo finder Mac owners can use. Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac can find and remove duplicate files fast and accurately by using MD5 value checksum algorithm. It is the best duplicate photo finder which allows you to easily find duplicate photos and other types of files such as videos, documents, spreadsheets, music files, etc.

This Cisdem duplicate photo finder for Mac is powerful and easy-to-use especially for users whose photos and albums are scattered all over Mac.

Problems You May Come Across When Using Duplicate Photo Finder

Different from other duplicate picture finders, this one can compare photos and images with different names just like a human would. Download the free trial of Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac now! Using MD5 value checksum algorithm, this duplicate finder for Mac can quickly and scan and accurately detect true duplicates regardless of the file name. Cisdem Duplicate Finder can also effectively find duplicates in external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc. Real-time scanning results will be shown as the scanning process goes on.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac allows you to choose the scan mode and offers multiple filtering options. You can choose to scan files by content or by name. You can also select minimum and maximum file size. Also, this best duplicate photo finder for Mac has an Ignore List feature allowing you to exclude certain file extensions and types. For example, if you want to keep all your PNG photos including the duplicate ones, you can tell this duplicate photo finder to ignore all PNG files when it scans. After the duplicates have been found by this duplicate photo finder Mac, you can do whatever you want with them.

You can choose to delete duplicates permanently, move them to Trash or to a specific folder. Cisdem duplicate photo finder allows you to easily preview them. Choose to view a single photo at a time or compare two photos side by side.

Duplicate photo finder for Mac: The best way to clear duplicates in Photos

Step 1. Download and install Cisdem duplicate picture finder on your Mac. Then launch it. It fully supports OS X Step 2.

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Select a folder or multiple folders to scan by clicking the cross icon on the left or directly dragging your folders to the large central icon. To remove duplicates from Photos iPhoto , just add its library folder. Step 3.

Selecting Scan Locations

When the scanning finishes, the results will be presented in tab view all together. You can remove duplicate photos to free up space on your Mac.

Find And Remove Duplicate Photos On Your Mac

This is how this best duplicate photo finder for Mac works. Easy Duplicate Finder is a powerful duplicate image finder for Mac to find and remove duplicate files such as photos, documents, audios, videos, and more. Just drag and drop folders into the program window and start the scan. Easy Duplicate Finder will scan multiple sources, folders and devices in order to find duplicate photos Mac.

It helps you clear up disk space and hence help improve the overall performance of your Mac. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a similar and duplicate photo finder for Mac. By looking for similarities in different photos and images, it can finds duplicates quickly. It is easy to use with a simple and modern interface and provides two scan modes to find duplicate photos on Mac. It can scan either file names or contents. The filename scanning mode uses a fuzzy matching algorithm that can find duplicate file names even when they are not exactly the same.

This duplicate photo finder Mac free version only allows users to delete 10 duplicates in one time. If you want to delete all duplicate photos and other duplicates in one click, you have to buy one license. If you still want to use it, you can download the software from its official website or Github. Photos Duplicate Cleaner is a duplicate photo finder Mac free for use which helps you manage and organize your photo collection effectively by finding duplicate photos Mac and removing them safely in a click.

It provides an easy way to find and remove duplicate photos from your Mac. This duplicate photo finder Mac scans your Mac to find duplicates photos from a selected drive or folder. And all copies of a photo are deleted except the original one. We came across another photo duplicate finder for Mac that we think is worth recommending. This tool can find duplicate as well as similar photos on Mac.

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In addition to allowing users to find duplicates in Photos or iPhoto library, it also supports external storage devices. PhotoSweeper moves duplicate photos to the Trash where you can permanently delete or restore them. Fast and accurate scan Real-time scanning results Built-in preview feature Scan iPhoto or Photos library.

‎Photos Duplicate Cleaner on the Mac App Store

We also recommend you backup your photos to an external drive, Dropbox, iCloud or other storage services you prefer. Above all, finding an excellent photos duplicate cleaner is very important if you want to save time and energy. A good duplicate picture finder allows you effortlessly find and delete those annoying duplicate and similar photos. From the comparison above, we can tell that Cisdem Duplicate Finder is the best solution if we want to get rid of duplicate photos and other types of files.

This duplicate photo finder Mac has the highest cost-performance, does more and better than other duplicate photo cleaners. Give the best duplicate photo finder a try, delete the duplicate photos on your Mac with ease and get rid of unwanted files. Make more room for your new pictures! I hope this article of the best duplicate photo finder Mac will help you with how to delete duplicate photos on Mac. Welcome to share your thoughts and opinions on this article. Which duplicate picture finder you are using on Mac? The best Mac data Recovery software to recover deleted or lost data from Mac and other storage devices.

Learn More. Zip and unzip files on Mac, including: Nowadays, the best of us have the habits of taking many photos to remind us of impressive moments. You may have stored many beautiful or funny pictures on SD card, but you mistakenly deleted them one day. Well, don't be panic! Do you really know what is iPhoto Library Manager? What you can do with the help of iPhoto Library Manger? Is it safe for you to use? Here is the complete guide on using iPhoto Library Manager for Mac users. Cisdem duplicate photo finder really helped me deleted duplicate photos in minutes. admin