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Here now, we'll assist you in finding and viewing important Firefox cache and temp files with below-offered methods:. If you haven't changed any storing location of Firefox cache, then you'll be able to find all your present Firefox browser cache and temp files by below path:. If you want to find browser history, downloads, and cookies, you may follow below path to find them:.

Viewing Browser Cache in Firefox

Firefox browser would automatically record all internet browsing history and caches. You can also view and find all Firefox caches with below steps:. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Or you can type: Step 5. Click List Cache Entries and then you'll be able to see the all Firefox caches again. So you can use CacheView to preview pane for any images and make it easy for you to save data from the sites you've visited.

Step 1. Tab CacheView and then you'll e able to view all Firefox cache files with a preview pane.

Can I View or Find Firefox Browser Cache/Temp Files on My Computer

As said before, you can find the path: If you've deleted or cleaned up Firefox browsing history, cache and all temp files, how can you restore the deleted or lost Firefox cache and temp files? Continue reading, and you'll find solutions. If no cache files or temp files are found, you may refer to a professional file recovery software for help. Here we'd like to recommend you try a free file recovery software from EaseUS. You can directly download it here and follow below guide steps to recover lost Firefox cache files now:.

I want to view Firefox cache.

If you lost files on an external storage device, connect the storage device to your computer firstly. Finally, select the found files, click "Recover" and navigate to save them to a secure location on your PC or another external storage device. Tracy King - Windows 10 update deletes your desktop files? Important desktop files or apps disappeared after Windows 10 update?

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Tracy King - While editing documents, it is common to accidentally save over your work and lose important sections that were deleted. Dashcam Video Recovery: Abby Haines - This page offers you three ways to recover deleted or missing folder in Outlook , , , , and Data Recovery Wizard Pro.

Cache will not completely clear. Just discovered Cache2 and doomed folder

Fast, complete and safe hard drive data recovery software to recover your data in easy steps. Partition Master Pro.

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  • All-in-one partition manager software can safely and simply resize partitions for PC. Professional server partition software for Windows Server system. In need of a fast solution for a Firefox cache viewer? Firefox has a nice way to view files that are in both your memory and file cache. When using Firefox view cache by going to the the Address Bar, and type about: This will take you to a page that allows you to view a summary of your browser cache and also will allow you to browse the files stored in the cache. By the way, this Mozilla cache viewer functionality will not work if your cache is disabled in Firefox.

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    Hit this link to change Firefox cache location. For firefox O. In nen window: I think that this is the single thread about Firefox cache and retreiving files from it. Can this be done? In a more usable manner than about: Try looking here.

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    • Thanks for the information. This facility to view cache is helpful when you wish to find what requests a website has made in background. I used it when I had some doubts on a website that I used. I found all the requests it made, and entered all suspicious sites it requested in my Hosts file. Now, everything is peaceful. Hooray for about: Internet Explorer works just fine and you can easily get the cached files such as movie trailers.

      Just go to temprary internet files, and there it is waiting for you. Firefox is stupid.. If you use the about: It will find it, then click on the hyperlink and it opens another section of about: Since you already know what filetype you are looking for of course you know what program to use to open it.

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