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Enter your email address below:. I use hot-corners. Just installed and tried to use it, but the function keys to be flipped only ranges from F1 — to — F What has happened to F11 and F12?

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I just tried checking it and not even the F9 and F10 are working like normal function keys. Hi — I am having real issues with getting my Function keys to work at all. So in theory F1 to F However, F1 to F9 and F11 do nothing. Not what is written on them. Or is in the keyboard preferences. Not really what I wanted. I have installed Function Flip; but it is not showing I have any F buttons at all. Pressing the fn button or not makes no difference.

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Rather frustrating — hope someone can help. Hi, I got much the same result as Pat. I have Mac OS X version I downloaded Function Flip, and it sees no function keys although in fact I have them all, and they work if I hold Fcn down. Hello everyone, i have in fact the opposite problem: Instead only the actual f-something functions work, when connected to a shortcut. But this happened even though i did not check the box to do so, and now i have no idea how to undo whatever went wrong! Things like adding tempos, cues and beat grids can be a hassle in Traktor, but with a mapping on standby that you can switch to during downtime you can mitigate the frustration of using the mouse — or worse still, the trackpad — to get these important tasks done.

Rainier over at Traktor Bible has a pretty sleek mapping designed just for this purpose over here. So you have a setup you like. Blank Keyboard Template. Traktor 2 Alternative Keyboard Mapping.

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Let us know below! Going Loopy: Creating Loop Routines in Traktor. String Theory for DJs.

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  8. By Chris Cartledge On Mar 6, Set cue 8. Set cue 9. Go to last folder. Pitch reset. Pitch - 0.

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    Sideview - 1. Nudge - 10ms.

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    Sampler 1 play while pressed. Sampler 2 play while pressed. Sampler 3 play while pressed. Sampler 4 play while pressed.

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    Sampler 5 play while pressed. Sampler 6 play while pressed. Sampler 7 play while pressed.

    Sampler 8 play while pressed. Sampler 9 play while pressed. Sampler 10 play while pressed. Sampler 11 play while pressed. Sampler 12 play while pressed.

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    Play while pressed. Select on active deck. Program name: Virtual DJ Productivity. Virtual DJ is a software package used by DJs in professional and amateur environments. admin