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Within Linux, each application is self-contained and you can easily kill any application with the XKill command. Don't you just hate it when you need to print out those theater tickets or cinema tickets or indeed just need to print out directions to a venue and so you turn on your computer and see the following message:. Even more annoying is the fact that Windows chooses when it wants to install updates and it will suddenly throw up a message saying that your computer is going to be rebooted.

As a user, it should be up to you when you install updates and they should not be forced on you or you should at least get a decent notice period. Linux operating systems need to be updated.

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There is no getting around that because security holes are patched all the time. You get to choose when those updates are applied and in most cases, the updates can be applied without rebooting the operating system. Linux distributions are highly customizable. You can completely change the look and feel and adjust nearly every part of it so that it works exactly as you want it to. Microsoft has a lot of documentation but when you get stuck you often find yourself on their forums and other people will have asked a question which simply has no good answers.

It isn't that the Microsoft support is bad because, on the contrary, it is in fact very in depth and good. The truth is however that they employ people to offer support and there is only so much money that is budgeted for this support and the wealth of knowledge is spread very thinly. Linux support is much easier to find and there are dozens of forums, hundreds of chat rooms and even more websites dedicated to helping people learn and understand Linux. Share Pin Email. Updated November 26, You can, of course, buy the Windows 10 USB drive but it will cost a decent sum of money.

Linux by its very nature is just more secure than Windows. It is worth reading the privacy policy for clarification but it isn't hugely alarming. Windows is just not as reliable as Linux. Don't you just hate it when you need to print out those theater tickets or cinema tickets or indeed just need to print out directions to a venue and so you turn on your computer and see the following message: Another downside is that Windows often needs to be rebooted to install the updates.

I never upgraded to W10 and even don't use W8 - Win7 or WinXP are still wonderful polished systems with all troubles known and solvable. On the other hand I should say they really do suffer from the lack of some software I'm tied to. Windows has real tons of software to choose from. Linux has sufficient pool of apps to get things done but sometimes you need one level of personalization and comfort more.

I have to agree with you, the software -- on the most part -- the software in Windows is superior to Linux. Personally, I really struggle to find a good video editor, so I'm stuck with a Windows partition for that very reason. Download Lightworks. There is a free version. It's amazing. If you want a simpler video editor, try Kdenlive or Openshot Openshot crashes alot though.

Non-Ubuntu based distros offer the users much better control over their systems. Ubuntu is the closest Linux distro to being a Windows-like walled garden. I disagree, Ubuntu is far from a "Windows-like walled garden". Personally, I don't even think Windows is much of a walled-garden, especially compared to Apple.

I'm not saying Ubuntu is the next best thing since sliced bread, but it is one of the most polished distributions out there. Plus, Ubuntu is usually the first "Linux" that people hear about. So it's a good way to introduce people to Linux if they're thinking about migrating. Personally, I love Linux Mint! I set up a dual boot on both my computers one was Windows 7 and one Windows 8. Google Earth runs perfectly in Linux Mint. DVStyler is great too. Linux is far superior to MS in many ways. I changed over to Linux Mint three months ago when I had trouble trying to upgrade to Windows10 and I am totally thrilled with my decision.

The only negative is why I waited all these years to do so. Bill Gates and his flawed operating system sucks big time and I hope he goes bankrupt. Haha I don't think I'd go that far, as I still really rate Windows. Bill Gates will never go bankrupt - he's too rich. But remember, he does donate a massive amount of his wealth to charity, so he's not all bad. I take it, i. I hope that your "We all love Windows, right? Hold someone hostage long enough and they not only will forget they are a hostage, they will develop a warped sense of affection for their captors.

Fortunately for me, I never developed an ounce of affection for anything Microsoft. Actually, it wasn't sarcastic. Equally there are also versions of each OS that are horrendous for different reasons - I think what I'm trying to say, is that no OS is perfect, but no OS is completely awful either. If this list falls shorts, please do elaborate and let us know other ways in which Linux is better than Windows.

It's always great to get other people's opinions. It's a fantastic OS. I'm currently playing with Elementary Loki and I'm thinking about changing over to that. Could you please elaborate on how you customised your desktop? Really liked the interface. I'm using Ubuntu First you need to install unity tweak so you can easily change themes etc. I'm using the Arc theme. They have a deb which you can download from here - http: Finally, go in to unity tweak and apply the Arc theme and Papirus icons.

I've also changed my fonts from Ubuntu to Open Sans. You can download it from Google fonts. Hope this helps. Factually, I restored both from their respective images: The built-in W8. I've been using Windows since 3. The other thing people don't seem to grasp with this "free" version is it won't always be free, as it's now SaaS, meaning that alike the new Office versions, you'll have to pay to upgrade, likely annually.

I don't mind that; a nominal fee - like Apple charges for their OS upgrades - is fine by me, but make the damn thing cohesive! It's a mash-up between previous Windows and this new version, and I don't see that being resolved soon. I did try it on the laptop a while aback and it worked fine. I decided to do a little research before I wrote more about these apps' non-support. I'll check them out and setup Ubuntu to dual boot with W7P again on my laptop and see how it goes running my Office On my desktop, W10 isn't too bad.

The performance if horrendous on that machine. I nearly use it, it's that bad. There are other productivity suits in Linux apart from LibreOffice. Some act a lot like MS Office. They're extremely good. Ubuntu is amazing. If you want something with a little more Polish, check out Elementary OS. It's based on Ubuntu but it's highly polished. Totally forget about the cloud factor.

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I don't particularly like it when using my W8 8" tablet, but yes, it is an option. I tried LibreOffice quite a while aback and didn't like it, but likely it has improved. I'll look into that and the E OS. Calligra is another good office suite for Linux. Many people do really like this over LibreOffice as it has a more up-to-date UI. Having said that, the workflow is a little different from what you might be used to. Well worth a try though - https: I have switched to Ubuntu 1 year ago! One thing you forget, over those 6: Going with CentOS and Gnome 3.

And Windows 10 runs noticeably better than 7 on the same device which I think is from the improved memory handling. One thing about memory is how it is used. Google Chrome eats up a lot of memory but that is because it loads things so when you call it, it's ready to just pop-up and be used. If the browser does not "pre-fill" like this then when you call for a function you have to wait that little bit more for it to load from slow hard drive to RAM. I don't know, but could Windows be trying to do things this way?

I definitely agree on your other parts; software updates, security, customization especially with different desktop environments and live image use that so often. Overall, Linux is better on older hardware but Unity and Gnome really need to go on a diet. Yes, I know I can use Xfce and frequently do but I also like the full-featured desktop environment and considering the similarities of my laptop specs I have the opportunity to compare the systems and like I said Unity and Gnome need to go on a diet. I'm not sure how Windows 10 is utilizing the RAM to be honest.

But I haven't found Ubuntu to be large personally. They're both highly polished, based on Ubuntu, but have their own desktop environments which are lighter than Unity. I'm currently testing them both. I switched to Linux from Windows back in , and haven't looked back since. I won't develop for Windows anymore. I hate it with a passion. Started out with Fedora, back when drivers were an issue. How many times I downloaded, modified, and compiled drivers.

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Lost count. Even tweaked the Linux kernel. It's been quite a ride, and a fun one at that. When I need Windows, I run it in a virtual machine under Linux. VirtualBox is perhaps the easiest VM to install and set up for this purpose. On the VM Windows, I can run pretty much everything except games. A great pity since I no longer "dual boot". But like others have mentioned, Steam and others are supporting Linux more and more. Apple Macs have made significant inroads into the developer environment.


Most places I've seen lately will run Mac OS for development. I find that annoying, because it's not quite like Linux, and many things don't work as well as the do under the Linux environment, and also Apple loves to dictate to you how to do things. Um, NO. I have not ever used Windows 10, nor am I likely to do so in the near future. I really don't see the point.

2. Computer Security

Windows 7 will handle much of what you want to do, and Windows 10 is not to be trusted. There are definitely some privacy concerns around W But Canonical have also been guilty of this in the past hello Amazon lens. Like you, I nearly use Windows at home anymore. I much prefer Linux. At first, I would thank two men: Torvalds and mr. First one for writing the kernel, latter one for the brilliant idea of Ship-It service, which gave me possibility to start with Linux. But it was almost useless for me. As to drivers. Some of these still not supported by the kernel, but most of these are obsolete.

Real example:. It was a pain to install and use it within WXP. Using it with other apps was almost impossible. Mustek Snapscan e22 a. And I could not to select the system components to install. Unsure if W10 will support it. But the hardware still works just fine, and I see no reason to replace it with something newer. What about cellular phones as modems? I had have something similar even on Win3.

And the most essential for me, as sysadmin, who runs several Linux servers at work. It is just a waste of resources, I think. You MUST have an internet connection, if you need something more convenient than shortest descriptions of standard commands. It is exciting, when you forgot the syntax of dsget command while tuning-up the 2k8Server at remote location, when no any access to the Internet is available. More on resources. Freshly booted Xubuntu with pre-launched Gnome Commander and the terminal occupied about megs of RAM and zero bytes of swap partition.

Additional pain in ass and other parts of boby is keyboard switching in Windows. Those, who use only one language, especially with Latin-based alphabet, may not encounter it. But multilingual setups will encounter. I will not complain on narrow set of keyboard shortcuts possible: In Ubuntu I prefer to utilize Caps Lock, which gives me "a hardware layout indicator" - the Caps Lock lamp on a keyboard I would say about the strange behavior of Windows keyboard switcher: I must to change it from LAlt to LCtrl or vice versa to restore the switcher's functionality.

I'm not the "MS hater". But since I see no reason to install Windows.

Ubuntu 16.04 vs Microsoft Windows 10: Which is best?

That's an extremely important part of the Linux stack. Driver support is now superb in Linux. It's a shame that so many people still tar it with that brush.

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  • But hey, I'm sure it will lose that stigma eventually. Is there any way i can install newest photoshop cc There are still plenty of important software which we cant use in ubuntu. In short, no. A workaround could be an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription so you can use Photoshop in the cloud via your web browser. Clearly gaming is one of Windows' strengths. Having said that though, Steam are helping that change with their Ubuntu client. Tried many verisons of Linux since it was introduced. They're all frustrating to make any changes on or install new programs, not to mention not having drivers for just about every bit of hardware.

    Given up every time. People tend to spin this whole "there's no drivers" thing quite a lot. But the fact of the matter is, driver support in Linux is actually extremely good now. I'm yet to install Linux on a machine and it not pick up all the drivers. In the past many years ago this was the case, but it's not any more. I assume you haven't tried Linux in a while? Installing software is completely different to Windows unless there is a. I do completely agree that the installation of applications really does need to be simplified if it's ever going to get serious traction with "normal" users.

    With the advent of the new Intel chipsets which only run Windows 10, and other driver issues, Windows isn't looking very hardware friendly anymore either. The security is both good and annoying. UAC in Windows is a more efficient implementation, you just have to allow or deny any changes, rather than typing in password every time. Also, Windows 10 is pretty good at scaling memory usage. True, Windows does have UAC, but it's nothing more than a popup that can be easily bypassed.

    The authentication popup in Linux is to authenticate as a "sudoer" so that you can make changes to the system because you're account isn't root admin. I absolutely loath Windows updates. It takes so unnecessarily long for it to apply them even on a Solid State Drive.

    However I like tweaking the ubuntu and adjusting it to make it most convenient then any other os. What I have noticed, that all these oses somewhat use a different color profile I guess. Since using the exact same computer, with a different os, if i open a picture, the colors, contrast and brightness look a lot different. I find that the Mac OS snow leopard, has the best quality when it comes to contrast and brightness and color hue. I would like to know why that is and how I could make my ubuntu look the same.

    6 Things That Ubuntu Does Better Than Windows

    At first I wasn't sure of it when I did notice it on occasion. However I have tried loading the different os on the same computer, I noticed that the mac os just looks much better. Anyone who hasn't tried it, feel free to take the same picture file and open it with a different os and observe the details of the picture. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you guys.

    Adv Reply. September 10th, 2. You asked for it: The World According to Monsanto: Jeremy Jackson: How we wrecked the ocean. September 10th, 3. Hi thanks for the link. It does show how to calibrate the monitor. Which I tried, but for som reason, no matter how much I tried to calibrate it, it just never looks as good as the mac os.

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    I'm wondering why is there a difference at the operating system level of how to display colors. However I would more like to know the specific difference between the OS level output. Without guessing and trying to match it, but rather have it set to the exact same setting or using the exact same profile on both. If you have a macbook with and a ubuntu box, or ask a friend to open the same picture with his os, and try to calibrate ur notebook to the best u can, and you will see that there is no way to match the mac os range of colors and contrast.

    I would like to upload some pics maybe but it would be pointless to look at it on the screen, it would need to be in real on the product. September 10th, 4.

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