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Then, double click. Go ahead. Start by using drag and drop. For example, export an album from iPhoto.

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Or, click the Add Photos button to find digital photos on your Mac. JAlbum is not Photoshop but comes with tools to help you enhance your photos. These include crop, color levels, red eye removal, sharpen, flip, straighten and more. Double click any photo to edit.

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You can add a caption for each photo and change the photo name. Click the Skin and Style buttons to select from a bunch of album styles and colors or to get more online. Clicking each displays a pop up example of the album and color schemes.

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  7. Seconds later the album is done. Click Preview to see the album in your web browser. General Settings change each album title and description. Pages are controlled by column and row, and images ordered by date.

    HOW TO: Create a Printed Album From Your Digital Photos

    Even image linking can be controlled by the Pages tab in Settings. Additional image controls show up in the Images tab to sharpen or enhance the jpeg image quality, and to set thumbnail and image sizes.

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    The Advanced tab features encoding options, date format, meta data, naming and other variables. The Chameleon tab has more settings for design, album information, startup page, slide page, and much more. If you find that iPhoto falls short in the photo album department, try JAlbum.

    Creating a Wix Photo Album from Apple Photos on Mac

    There are more options, more albums, and more ways to display, distribute, and share your digital photos. My husband, Nathan, and I have used Macs for nearly 25 years. We're teachers at a private school in Chicago, IL. I'm also the school's resident Mac system administrator, PC troubleshooter, and a diehard Mac diva and iPhone hacker.

    Read more of my articles here. Why Photo Albums? Online Photo Gallery Demonstrations.

    Online Photo Album

    The smart import process will automatically identify your publication as a "Photo" project, which will let you present your images in the best way possible. Create unique online photo galleries that fit the mood or theme of the photos by choosing from 24 easily customizable skins or by using a wast range of settings to create your own. Embed videos and add hyperlinks to transform your portfolio into a powerful tool for promoting your services.

    You can easily embed a digital gallery created in FlippingBook to your website or a social network.

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