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I love all my other apple product, but this one I'm considering running it over with a tractor. Love Apple, Hate the SuperDrive.

How many blank discs does it take to burn just ONE? I've had this drive on two How many blank discs does it take to burn just ONE? I've had this drive on two computers, a Mac Pro at work and another at home and it never goes smoothly. Either it can't read the disc, or says it can't get information fast enough or the drive doesn't show up. I am beyond frustrated at Mac's ongoing attempt to dictate to its users what it feels is best for them.

I have to be able to burn discs for work, and with the latest driveless Mac Pros and the USB Superdrive, it's an exercise in futility. Maybe I'll find a six-for-one sale on blank discs. Unreliable, incompatible and way overpriced. If the SuperDrive refuses to eject an import Unreliable, incompatible and way overpriced.

If the SuperDrive refuses to eject an important CD then god help you because Apple certainly will not or rather it cannot due to the design its flawed design. It worked ok for the first two years then started failing to load or read. Success ratio is that it works about once in 30 to 40 times. Tried on a brand new iMac with no success.

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Right now, it's a square paper weight. Works once or twice a year. First thing I did after buying it was placing a CD inside it. But the worst part is that the disc got stuck. You cannot eject i First thing I did after buying it was placing a CD inside it.

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You cannot eject it - there are no buttons. I saw many others having the same problem on the forums. Nothing works. It wont get out. Awful product More Read full review.

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Awful - great example of how things get effed up when tech fails. Answer now What length warranty does the product come with? Yes, you can. I'm doing this currently Answer now can I use two different super drives for different regions, on my Ma Pro, e. I really felt my age when the poster asked what is a CD? Nice of them to tell you that before you buy it. Because my display is too old. As far I experienced the online movie sales on iTunes is not trustworthy.

The latest Boot Camp version that still supports bit Windows is v4. Thank you for this extremely helpful and well written instructions, it worked immediately without even a re-start. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Tom McIntosh says: February 25, at Howie Isaacks says: Wojtek says: February 26, at Paul says: RM says: Whether it is your movies, videos, or audio contents, you can quickly transfer everything to your Mac. Fashionable design Check out on Amazon. When I opened the package, I wondered there was no cable attached to this drive. Then I realized that the cable is smartly embedded at the bottom of this drive. This intelligent design can impress any user.

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This is the best portable drive for Mac owners, who have to travel extensively. For better stability on any glossy surface, Rioddas has put a non-slip pad on the bottom. This non-slip pad prevents your drive from falling off your table or desk. Embedded cable design Check out on Amazon.

Is Apple about to kill the SuperDrive on Macs?

No eject button Check out on Amazon. Botee has come up with a unique feature: This system avoids high or low voltage lead. Thus, it can protect your computer from any damage. Bootee offers you free lifetime product warranty, day product replacement or refund. Universal compatibility of this drive enables it to work with multiple operating systems aside from macOS. This means you can smoothly transfer your data from Windows computer to Mac or vice versa.

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Voltage stabilization Check out on Amazon. For faster data transmission speed, use this product and achieve a maximum speed of up to 5GBPS. Along with speed, you get stable performance and strong fault tolerance.

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Ivkey has unparalleled intelligent burning technology and brand new chip to correct the errors. Intelligent burning technology Check out on Amazon. You can also install software and create backup discs etc. VicTsing offers robust anti-shock and noise-reduction technology.