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If it flushes as expected you should be good to go. How to securely delete files. Emptying the trash automatically. Getting your Mac ready for OS X Change Apple Watch app grid to list view.

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He writes: For some reason, emptying the trash in OS X has always been a slow process, especially if you have a lot of files there. I tanked a huge folder that had over 10, items in it and it took a whopping 30 minutes to trash it!

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The first thing you can do is to make sure you are not securely deleting your trash. This is an option in OS X that will completely overwrite the data that was stored where those deleted files were.

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Basically, it makes sure that no data can be recovered once it has been deleted. Most people would not want this unless they are storing super sensitive information that they would not want anyone to be able to see even after the data has been deleted. Go to Finder, then click on Preferences and then click on Advanced.

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Make sure Empty Trash Securely is not checked. I've noticed that when I "Secure Empty Trash" though it takes longer, I usually regain a lot of gigabytes back. Currently, as of this post i'm "secure emptying trash" and i've regained about 25GB's which sounds about right considering there was about that much worth of video recordings from my video camera I no longer needed.

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  5. In the past when I've just "deleted trash" i've seen different results. So, my concern is Well, does that mean that those GB's that are emptied in the trash not securely are just lost forever? Or will I regain those GB's the next time around say weeks later I securely empty the trash with whatever happens to be in there all new stuff in the trash? Am I making sense? Kinda confusing to me cause I don't understand it.

    Quickly Empty the Trash in OS X using Terminal

    But I feel it's vital for me to get this and have the most amount of gigs available on my Mac now that i'm using about 30GB's per week filming stuff and editing it on iMovie. I can't empty my trash! I tried to trash one of the Time Machine backups from an external drive, but now it's stuck in the Trash and I cannot get rid of it. The "Secure Empty Trash" option doesn't do it. I just upgraded to Lion The dialog box opens and shows the number of items to be deleted, and the blue candy cane starts.

    Nothing happens - no progress bar appears. If I click on the X to stop the process, it says "Stopping" but again nothing happens. I've left it overnight and nothing changes. Restarting the machine sometimes works, but often I can't restart because "Another process in in use".

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    Only by Force Quitting the FInder will it restart. Cleaned up my MacBook Pro yesterday, put a lot of files in the bin. After ish delted files the "process bar" of how much as been deleted did not move anymore. I could not abort the emptying so I had to restart the Finder. The files were gone out of the bin but those files which are now still in there can simply not be deleted. Every time I try to klick "empty trash" my computer gets stuck at "preparying to emtpy trash" I have loged out, restarted and also tried "secure empty trash" Every time I want to cancel the emptying it does not react and I have to restart the Finder.

    Pretty unhappy witht he situation and hope all these bugs which were in the Lion update will get fixed with Mountain Lion! Time Machine told me I had to erase the files on my external hard drive and I had to put them in trash, so, I did and it is deleting 55, files Old Time Machine backup and now it's going into negative numbers?

    Now, it won't empty the Trash - progress bar just sits there no matter how long I give it. Is there anything I can do about it?

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