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Response Wise allows you to customize the default HTML mailout templates, survey builders and landing pages to help setup effective conversion pages. You can automate pretty much everything and even perform Split Testing to figure out which emails are most effective with your customers. The user guides are a bit limited — the video tutorials on the site are still missing but there are basic step-by-step guides to help you instead.

Trusted by designers, marketers, web professionals and businesses including:

There are also other plans for up to 10, and up to 25, subscribers for big businesses. Direct Mail is easy to use, free for up to 50 mails per month and has flexible pricing plans beyond that. The templates are easy to customize although you can only modify things like the amount of columns, titles, text and tables you want to insert.

Adding images is simply a case of dragging and dropping them into the interface and they are automatically optimized for Retina displays. The only issue you may have is resizing images to a size that looks good in the templates — it would be more convenient if Direct Mail resized images automatically as messing around trying to get them right takes more time that it should. Particularly useful in Direct Mail is the Email Preview feature which allows you to design test how your newsletter will look in 30 different email clients depending on the email account your customers are receiving in such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

This helps avoid annoying formatting issues caused by different email providers which is quite common since they all handle images and text slightly differently. Another useful feature is integration with Spam Assassin which warns you whether it could potentially be flagged as spam and this not get through or worse, get you and your company blacklisted. It will also warn you if there are any broken links in your emails.

Newsletter Design Software for the Mac

The tracking tools in Direct Mail are useful and succinct, providing a clear overview of the opened and unopened rate with the top 5 most clicked links clearly visible. Reports can also be delivered to your iPhone via a free app called Stamps for Direct Mail. You can conveniently schedule or cancel deliveries of email campaigns on the go — useful if you want to put a last-minute block on your newsletter bulk mails. The Direct Mail software itself is free from the Mac app store but if you need to send more than 50 mails per month, you can upgrade your quota by paying in-app.

You can buy an unlimited or pay-as-you-go subscription. Direct Mail is perfect for those that want a dedicated Mac email marketing application although it lacks the power and marketing automation features of the top products. MaxBulk Mailer is suitable for a range of marketing tasks from simply sending press releases and newsletters to price lists and sales promotions.

It also allows you to attach files and images to your mailouts. The only slightly technical part is setting-up email configurations but you can do this using Gmail quite easily using these mail configuration instructions. As the name suggests, Autopilot is all about automating as much of your email marketing campaigns as possible.

Autopilot helps you create highly personalized emails, SMS texts and even in-app messages which should in turn return better conversion rates and reader loyalty. Autopilot uses sophisticated tracking and organizes your clients including such things as Smart Segments to group users of similar values or demographic. Autopilot is a very well-organized email marketing software for Mac users and is certainly gives you a high degree of control over automated marketing and capturing new contacts.


If you want to focus on pure email marketing automation, Autopilot is a powerful, easy to use option but it lacks the comprehensive tools of the top picks. All marketing material is branded for your business and the OutBoundEngine team can produce material in just a few days after receiving logos and other assets from you.

This makes OutBoundEngine very different from other email marketing software and is obviously reflected in the significantly higher price compared to other options. There are many satisfied customers and businesses that testify that paying the extra money for an outsourced marketing solution like OutBoundEngine has definitely been worth it so it clearly works for some. The other unique thing about OutBoundEngine is that it provides specialized targeting for specific industries.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of email marketing is tracking your campaigns. OutBoundEngine automates tracking of engagement and then automatically identifies which customers or clients are ripe for conversion. One other nice thing we like about OutBoundEngine is that it allows you to setup and track your own referral program so that users and customers are encouraged to spread the word about your services.

If you just want a fire and forget email marketing solution without the hassle of managing it, creating material or even tracking it, OutBoundEngine is a really unique and effective email marketing solution. You can easily drag and drop images and text into emails although and there are many attractive templates to get you started. There are automated features such as automatic follow-up emails, autoresponders and clear reporting tools.

Vertical Response is also integrated with social media such as Twitter and Facebook and can track those that have interacted with your mailouts.

Create newsletters for home, school or office on your Mac

Vertical Response produces professional results with very little know-how and has a buzzing online community of users to help you in case of problems. Vertical Response is free for up to contacts and emails per month but there are also pay as you go and monthly payment plans. Sendblaster is a very popular bulk email software for Windows although you can only run it on Mac using Parallels. Parallels allows you to run Windows on a Mac and therefore install Sendblaster as if you were using a PC.

Sendblaster is available both in Free and Pro edition. If there are other Windows applications that you miss on our Mac, installing Windows on your Mac to use Sendblaster is a good investment as you can then install any PC software on your Mac. MailChimp is one of the most popular online email marketing solutions out there and the interface features a very nice Mac aesthetic.

MailChimp is a popular starting point for those getting started in email marketing because it allows a very generous 12, email or subscriber limit for free. MailChimp can even recommend the optimum time for sending out mails based on your subscriber behavior and target other subscribers that may be interested in your content. You can find full details on MailChimp pricing here. Overall, MailChimp is a very accomplished e-marketing tool suitable for a wide range of abilities and needs.

Everything is stored on your Mac and you can extend the functionality of PhpList with different add-ons and templates.

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The only real advantage of EmailCampaign is that unlike most desktop email marketing software for Mac, it also works on older Macs. Although EmailCampaign was one of the first truly dedicated email marketing software for Mac programs but there are definitely better options available nowadays. MacMass Mailer. MacMass Mailer is a bare bones but powerful email marketing for mac solution which is aimed those with some technical knowledge. Optimized for mobile devices. Build successful email marketing campaigns. On your mac. Create newsletters that make a big impact at any size.

Mail Designer is a visual design platform, dedicated to building modern, responsive email newsletters. How Mail Designer benefits….

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Startups Get started with email marketing! Corporate teams Mail Designer allows you to bring your internal communication with colleagues, shareholders, and partners to the next level.


What do our customers say? Plus the support team offers true, real support. The team listens, responds with clear instructions and give suggestions and tips which just work. Keep up the good work! And the client support is very fast and accurate. Find out how travel experts CityZapper use Mail Designer to create awesome email newsletters…. Trusted by designers, marketers, web professionals and businesses including: Mail Designer Core Features.

Newsletter Design Software for the Mac

Built for designers With 80 professional templates, millions of layout combinations, re-usable elements, image editing and web-font support, your newsletters have never looked this good. Fixed some problems on OS X This version is completely free. Please note that this version is more efficient, it does the job more faster, but it has less features so you might want to keep the previous version around. If you have problems with the app especially on OS X Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet.

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