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I've even tried creating other types of objects to see if it shows up with those. I did all the things that you said but all I get is a green screen on the desktop how can I fix it? Hey Justin, would you know of the best way to create custom screensavers from Mac that can be used on windows computers? Currently trying to work this out for a client. I've never heard of doing this, sorry, I think Windows and Mac screensavers are pretty different in practice though.

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If you're seeing your desktop image, then just change that obviously. Otherwise you need to edit the quartz file, which is well beyond my knowledge sadly. I believe it's possible to just drag the quartz file to the second monitor, but I don't have access to a Mac to test this on right now. Not with this too, no, unless you made those videos with Quartz. VLC does what you're looking for, though.

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I found this piece from our friends at HowToGeek:. But does it retain the video wallpaper when you restart your PC?

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Thanks for the reply btw. Top Deals.

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How do i get the time machine screensaver? You could always just download a qtz file and locate that one and use it. So far as I know this can't be done, which is unfortunate. Not sure how that could be, or how I could help you from here. Hi Justin, Great article! Here is a screenshot of what I'm seeing: Thank you so much! Currently trying to work this out for a client Much appreciated. Is there any way to change the image behind the animation?

How do I get the background on my second monitor. I figured it out, just set the x coordinate to the width of your first monitor. I'm glad you figured it out, Weston! Unlike Windows, which in recent versions has got the technology to set as your Wallpaper animated Wallpapers, desktop OSes Apple not so great features.

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In fact, every Mac user has the power to correct this injustice. You do not even have to bother with converting video and editing system files: The program is designed to replace the static Wallpaper on your computer, a beautiful animated animations and visual effects. You can choose from a catalog of live topics, including thematic set of dynamic images of waterfalls, green meadows, Sunny beach, rain, insects, animals, etc.

For set Wallpapers you must download the app and open settings. In the dropdown menu clearly shows the Wallpaper list, broken down by topic. The dynamic pattern is set automatically. You can now close the window and enjoy the live Wallpaper again, or open the drop-down menu and install a different theme.

Living Wallpaper HD offers a selection of beautiful, themed scenes that will add life to your desktop. From cityscapes and sunsets to far away galaxies - each with a cleverly integrated clock and weather widget - your screen will always have that special touch. Customise your weather widget and clock style and also create your own personalised wallpaper by using your favourite pictures. Moving scenes are all Full HD p. LW HD does what it says! I have been addidng and deleting my own photos for some time now too - i get compliments all the time and on the clock and weather.

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I am confused by some of the reviews, one person described exactly how the program worked and hated it! Check the preferences hello? Anyway back to the app you can load your own photos though i wish the delvelopers would add photos from time to time. I used to enjoy this app but now I'm experiencing a couple of issues with it. admin