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Later models came with a speaker grille on the left side for enhanced sound as pictured. The Classic II was the last black-and-white compact Macintosh. It was also the last desktop Macintosh to include an external floppy disk drive port. Apple discontinued support for the Classic II on January 1, The socket is not designed to be used for any other purpose and is not suitable for use as a general expansion slot. Apple never produced an expansion card of any kind for this slot, [1] although at least one third-party FPU was available: Specifications CPU: Motorola optional ROM: Gestalt ID: From left to right: Two TORX case screws are visible, bottom left and right.

See also: Timeline of Apple Macintosh models. Apple hardware before Compact Macintosh. Apple used two kinds of high-density floppy drives on Macs, auto-inject and manual inject.

Mac II, Mac SE, Classic Parts & Upgrades

Can they be swapped? Apple decided to pursue the average consumer by renaming existing Macs, bundling them with software, and putting their colorful boxes in regular retail outlets. My first mobile Mac: Rochacki, Miscellaneous Ramblings, Mac System 7. Yes, it is possible to run Internet Explorer 5.

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You just need to have all the updates — and make one modification for SoundJam. Appearance Manager Allows Internet Explorer 5. Want a fairly modern browser with an old, fast operating system? Mac OS 7. The truth is that this danger is overstated — and takes attention away from a greater danger. Why Mac OS 7.

These old black-and-white Macs are just fine for messaging, word processing, spreadsheets, scheduling, contact management, and browsing the Web. Fond memories of using a Classic II in elementary school lead to it being the first Mac set up for a month of vintage, very low-end computing. Which grows faster, hardware speed or software bloat? These benchmarks show vintage Macs let you be productive much more quickly than modern Windows PCs. Floppy drive observations: A history of the Mac floppy from the K drive in the Mac K through the manual-inject 1.

Mac II, Mac SE, Classic Parts & Upgrades

So how do you move the files? System 7. Want the best speed from your old Mac? The beginning and end of an era , Tyler Sable, Classic Restorations, Which system software is best for my vintage Mac?

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Which system software works best depends to a great extent on just which Mac you have and how much RAM is installed. Why you should use Mac OS 7.

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The Joy of Six: System 6 was small enough to run quickly from an K floppy yet powerful enough to support 2 GB partitions, bit video, and the Internet. New to compact Macs? Ten things you really should know before you get too confused. LocalTalk and ethernet networking for compact Macs. A look at games that run nicely on the old based Macs.

2. Using one of the disk images I’ve already created

System 6. If they can use System 7, why use System 6? Foster, MacWeek, Some links will also be helpful to Classic II users. Information on bit addressing Email lists: You may be able to find dealers with parts inventory either locally or on our parts and service list.